Top 12 NJ Public Adjusters - Claimside Public Adjusters (2023)

If you have a property damage claim such as a fire, pipe break, hurricane, water, mold or any other covered loss and want the best insurance settlement possible, contact a New Jersey public adjuster near you.

Most people have not heard about public adjusters until they have experienced a property loss. We understand that insurance companies would prefer that loss consultants or public adjusters or not be hired for their claims. Insurance companies get a more controlled and powerful position if the insured is not educated in the process. Insurance companies and the people who work for them are not bad operators; however, many of the tasks that are needed in your recovery can’t, or shouldn’t, be performed by the representatives of insurance companies.

Public Adjusters in New Jersey

Public Adjusters in New Jersey represent you and protect you, the client, by documenting, measuring, and presenting the insurance claim on your behalf. This is done in effort to expedite, as well as maximize, the insurance recovery on your behalf. The following are the top NJ public adjusters:

Gregg Walsh : Gregg Walsh - Public Adjuster : Monmouth County, NJ

Your insurance company will send an adjuster to your house to handle your claim. This is the insurance company’s adjuster. The goal of the insurance company’s adjuster is to protect the company’s bottom line: he or she is a salaried employee or independent contractor of the insurance company.A public adjuster or private adjuster works differently. Public adjusters represent you, the poli ..

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Tyson Nagy : Metro Public Adjustment, Inc : East Hanover, NJ

A public adjuster helps home and business owners in the claims process with their insurance company. We make sure our clients are treated and paid fairly. On average policyholders who use a public adjuster receive six times more money for a claim than those who handle a claim on their own.

Top 12 NJ Public Adjusters - Claimside Public Adjusters (4)

Edward Imperatrice : Metro Public Adjustment : Clifton, NJ

Our firm will provide professional representation to maximize your claim settlement for covered losses such as: fire, flood, lightning, vandalism, wind, snow, ice damming, plumbing leaks, backups, theft, and collapse.

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Ruben Perez : R.P. Adjustment Group, Public Adjuster : Cherry Hill, NJ

Ex-Insurance Adjuster, 15% Maximum Fee

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Cassandra Pressley : METRO PUBLIC ADJUSTMENT INC : Cherry Hill, NJ

In September 2006, I became a licensed and bonded NJ Public Adjuster with METRO PUBLIC ADJUSTMENT INC. My longevity in the Public Adjustment field, has enabled me to help you. Over the years, I have successfully reopened numerous claims, helping residential and business policyholders to get back to a pre-loss condition. I have given property owners professional advice on what their insurance nee ..

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Dot Nicklus : 1st Property Services and Brokerage, LLC : Edgewater, NJ

I am your advocate when you have property damaged; your public insurance adjuster. When you submit a claim, you have to deal with a very experience insurance company adjuster who is thoroughly trained in all aspect of minimizing your damage. Keep in mind its the property owner's responsibility to point out the damage. It is NOT the insurance companies job. Company adjusters minimize your damage by ..

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Nancy Reynolds : Metro Public Adjusters Inc. : Cherry Hill, NJ

What makes life so wonderful for me is caring for my fellow man. I am passionate about helping people before and during their time of need, so being associated with such a caring and positive company as Metro is extremely important. My goal is to meet and exceed your expectations as a public adjuster and with my Metro team we achieve it. From small losses to large, I can help. All it takes is a ..

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Mike Martinez : Metro Public Adjustment : West Deptford, NJ

I absolutely love what I do. On the one hand I help home and business owners process insurance claims and get the largest settlement possible. I also train others to do the same. Both are very satisfying. I cherish the fact that I am helping people. I firmly believe the key to wealth, success and happiness is in providing value to others. I find that my business of Public Adjusting offers me a ..

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Mark Dobbins : Metro Public Adjustment : Mantua, NJ

I started in the public adjusting industry 12 years ago after a 27 year law enforcement career. Much of what I do in the public adjusting business is similar to what I did previously in law enforcement. I enjoy helping people and I do that by helping them understand their coverage better and also assist them in the murky waters of the claims process if and when they need to file a claim. Most peop ..

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Kenneth J. Hadfield : Metro Public Adjustment : Freehold, NJ

Public Adjuster assisting policy holders to ensure they get paid properly for damages to their home or business.My company is expanding in all areas of the country and looking to add 1000 new people in the month of May 2017. Do you know anyone looking for work? Tell them to get in touch with me.Specialties: Residential and Commercial Public Adjusting: Sudden and Accidental Damage, Air Condit ..

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Karl Friedman : Metro Public Adjustment : Union, NJ

Karl was in the real estate and mortgage business prior to becoming a licensed public adjuster. His background makes him an excellent choice to represent you in your insurance property damage claims. As a member of the Metro Public Adjustment team, he has expert claim professionals at his disposal in order to get the best results for your claim.

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Thomas Smith : Metro Public Adjustment : Manasquan, NJ

Most people will agree that damages to a home or business cause stress and grief. The uncertainties can be multiplied when no one is willing to help. Consider seeking an independent professional opinion to help negotiate a fair and equitable settlement that you deserve. Get help determining coverages that apply, detail and substantiate damage to structures, contents and other expenses. Our dedica ..

Top 12 NJ Public Adjusters - Claimside Public Adjusters (24)

Chris has a unique background that enables him to provide essential disaster recovery services to both commercial and residential clients of Andrew K. Knox and Company. With an extensive and diverse history of serving the public in both the fire service and emergency management, Chris is capable of taking full charge of any post-disaster scene and coordinating the immediate loss mitigation and rec ..

Top 12 NJ Public Adjusters - Claimside Public Adjusters (26)

Dorothy Nicklus : Metro Public Adjustment : Edgewater, NJ

Over 25 years experience. Provide professional representation to maximize your claim settlement for covered losses such as: fire, flood, lightning, vandalism, wind, snow, ice damming, plumbing leaks, backups, theft, and collapse. Do not wait for the time in need - learn what’s truly covered before it's too late. Educating the policy holder with a policy review is important. We conduct policy rev ..

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Water Damage Claims

Water damage, Mold Damage and Flood Damage are a few of the most typical factors individuals make claims on their house insurance coverage. Burst pipelines, leaking devices, and flooded basements are merely a few of the methods you might find what is and is not covered by your house insurance coverage. You require a New Jersey Public Adjuster to provide the outcome you should have as an insurance policyholder.

Flood Damage Claims

Water damage insurance coverage declares evaluation can be challenging. Damage to your essential life financial investment, your house is not consistently evident or noticeable. Fantastic care ought to be required to examine all elements of a water break or water associated damage. As soon as you have a 360-degree view of the issue information of the best ways to efficiently repair the cost can be laid out. Comprehensive building and construction procedures are specified together with correct tidy up methods to improve the broken location and other locations which might have exposed your the home of future problems due to the water damage occasion. Experience is crucial in evaluating the water damage occasion. New Jersey Public Adjusters understand correct building and construction techniques, appropriate clean-up techniques and the essential estimating tools to establish a comprehensive line by line price quote of damages which will work to your benefit in developing your water damage insurance coverage claim versus your insurance provider.

Insurance claims Fire Damage

Fire & smoke can harm your house; expenditures will accompany any loss to your house and home. As your Public Adjuster will take advantage of years of claims experience and loss damage understanding to guarantee you information all your losses associated with the occasion. Get the fulfillment of dealing with public insurance coverage changing company who makes your claims complete satisfaction a truth.

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