These Tried-And-Tested Rain Coats Might Actually Make You Not Hate Rain (2022)

These Tried-And-Tested Rain Coats Might Actually Make You Not Hate Rain (1)


Picture your outdoor happy place: You're out on a run and you've just hit your stride, or maybe you're out hiking with your bestie. Perhaps you're just sitting in the park reading a book. Whatever it may be, you know there's something about being in the great outdoors, whether you live by the beach or in NYC, that can elevate your mood. The one thing that can put a (literal) damper on that mood? Rain.

That precisely why you probably already own a rain coat, but how good is it really? Unless you enjoy getting soaked (more power to you, if that's the case!) it's important to have a high-quality, durable, waterproof rain jacket ready to go in your jacket closet, office, hiking backpack, car, or gym bag depending on your lifestyle. And, as you can imagine, there are a ton of rain jacket options out there.

Some are truly durable and waterproof enough to withstand a downpour, while others are simply water resistant and built for the occasional light drizzle. Many rain jackets are even insulated to keep you warm. Plus, tons of them are built to be packable—the last thing you need is a rain jacket filling up half your suitcase or backpack.

I sifted through options online to find the best waterproof rain jackets for women for every activity. These are the best brands and coats for every activity and lifestyle, according to rave customer reviews.

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    Best Rain Jacket Overall


    Triclimate 3-in-1 Water Repellent Jacket

    These Tried-And-Tested Rain Coats Might Actually Make You Not Hate Rain (2)


    • It can be worn three ways for an all-season jacket.
    • It's available in 12 color options.
    • You won't want to wear it in extremely cold temperatures.
    • Many reviewers note you should size up by one.

    This isn't just waterproof—it's water repellent. Yes, it's pricey, but it comes with a fleece liner that you can wear with the waterproof inner shell or alone. The fabric is flexible enough to wear for workouts, but durable enough to take on hiking or camping trips, too.

    Rave Review: "This jacket is everything I want in one. The inside layer is so comfortable and can be worn alone. The outer shell is so light! This is my go-to everyday on the run jacket!" -anonymous,


    Best Durable Rain Jacket

    Arc'teryx Beta AR Jacket

    These Tried-And-Tested Rain Coats Might Actually Make You Not Hate Rain (3)


    • Weighing in at 14.5 ounces, it's super lightweight.
    • It's built to withstand a wide spectrum of weather.
    • Armpit zippers make it breathable for warmer weather.
    • The cost is high.
    • Colors of the jackets online can appear a bit different IRL, so be sure to look at customer images in the reviews or on Instagram before ordering.

    It's a splurge, which is why Arc'teryx's Beta AR jacket is loved by serious hikers and frequent campers for how durable its outer shell is. Built to withstand a range of alpine environments, its also designed to be packable and lightweight so it won't take up too much space in your backpack.

    Rave Review: "Decided to take the plunge on this jacket before hiking the Inca Trail and it was the best decision I made. The pit zips were my ultimate savior as it reduced the heat but still gave me the waterproof shell for when I was above the clouds hiking up the stairs. My trekking group was very jealous and even took turns trying it out!" -Eejak,


    Most Lightweight Rain Jacket

    Sweaty Betty

    Retro Parachute Waterproof Parka

    These Tried-And-Tested Rain Coats Might Actually Make You Not Hate Rain (4)


    • The inner pocket is great for keeping your tech dry.
    • The spacious silhouette allows for a wide range of sizes to wear it comfortably.
    • Even though it's fully waterproof, it's also breathable.
    • It's long enough to keep nearly your full body dry.
    • It's not going to keep you warm.
    • The price is a bit high.

    ICYMI, activewear brand Sweaty Betty is all about athletic wear that's just as functional as it is stylish. The neutral color accented by pops of neons make this a trendy favorite amongst fashion lovers, but don't judge this book by its (pretty!) cover. The cinched sleeves and bottom make it so you can really pack yourself in to the fully waterproof silhouette, and it's super lightweight so you can easily keep it in your work tote without worrying about it taking up too much room.

    Rave Review: "Love love love everything about this parka. Super stylish, the colors are amazing without being overwhelming, and I could wear it over anything, not just activewear. It's super lightweight, practical, and entirely waterproof. I bought my normal M (I am a size 12) and although it's roomy, it's not too big. It is very lightweight so in the colder months I can layer up underneath it, but in the summer it will work just as well with only a single layer underneath. The pockets are spacious and zip up. There is also a secret inner pocket, and the main zip is double ended. I will be wearing it a LOT!" -scotinlondon,


    Best Rain Jacket For Running


    Cross Chill RepelShell Jacket

    These Tried-And-Tested Rain Coats Might Actually Make You Not Hate Rain (5)


    • The four-way stretch provides tons of comfort.
    • The fabric repels water.
    • The fleece lining means you won't want to wear it in hotter temps.
    • You'll want to size up by one.
    • Many sizes are frequently out of stock.

    Designed for you rain-or-shine kind of runners, Lululemon's aptly-named RepelShell technology was literally formulated to repel water. The fleece keeps you warm, and it also features a four-way stretch fabric unlike some restricting rain jackets out there. It also comes in a bright neon shade if you like to run early in the AM or later in the night.

    Rave Review: "Great jacket! I happened to wear this to a race where it rained towards the end and the water really just bounces off the jacket. The lining of the jacket is warm and soft." -lisa,


    Most Warm Rain Jacket

    Diamond Candy

    Waterproof Hiking Coat

    These Tried-And-Tested Rain Coats Might Actually Make You Not Hate Rain (6)


    Now 12% off

    • It's a great price for all the jacket's features.
    • The soft lining is made to retain heat in super cold temperatures.
    • The high collar provides neck protection.
    • Curvier buyers report the hard waterproof shell not being flexible enough.
    • It's short, so it won't provide coverage below the waist.

    Both waterproof and windproof, many reviewers report even wearing this jacket for snowy conditions, or while skiing. For the price, it's a steal, too—the removable hood and ten internal pockets are just a couple of the many features it has to offer.

    Rave Review: "Love my jacket! I bought this to go skiing and it worked great! I wore several layers underneath and it helped keep me warm and it definitely kept me dry lol (I fell a lot). I loved the design of the pockets, too. They kept everything safe and waterproof. I kept my phone in my pocket the whole day with no problems." -songbird,


    Most Classic Rain Jacket

    Calvin Klein

    Double Breasted Rain Jacket w Removable Hood

    These Tried-And-Tested Rain Coats Might Actually Make You Not Hate Rain (7)


    • The design is a timeless classic.
    • The fabric is durable.
    • The removable hood makes this versatile.
    • It's available in sizes XXS to 2X.
    • It's a bit heavy for the summer time.

    No rain jacket list is complete without considering a classic trench that'll make you feel like a posh Londoner, but most don't actually feature waterproof material like this one from Calvin Klein. The stylish design features a removable hood when you just want to wear this as a light spring or fall layer, too.

    Rave Review: "I bought and returned four raincoats before finding and keeping this one! The technology of it is great—nice hood that keeps out the rain/wind, great belt that stays on and doesn't hit you with the buckle. It looks tailored, like it can be a regular jacket or a raincoat, which is what I was looking for on my trip to Ireland (and in regular life in the rainy Midwest). My only issue with it is that it's a little too warm for summer." -zissou,


    Most Affordable Rain Jacket


    Lightweight Packable Raincoat

    These Tried-And-Tested Rain Coats Might Actually Make You Not Hate Rain (8)


    Now 20% off

    • It's super affordable.
    • It's available in 21 color and pattern options.
    • Sizes range from S to 3X.
    • It's water-resistant rather than waterproof, so you'll want something more durable for heavy downpours.

    There's no need to spend over $100 on a rain coat if you're lucky enough to live somewhere where rain is a very occasional inconvenience, or if you may be traveling somewhere where it might rain. This super lightweight raincoat is great for hot weather runs in the rain, and it even folds in to its own little palm-sized tote. It's simple and gets the job done.

    Rave Review: "I bought this for a trip to Amsterdam, where I understand it rains frequently. I had good weather for most of the trip, but there was one day it wasn't raining when I left my hotel, but the skies opened up shortly before my tour. Luckily, I had this lightweight, easy-to-carry jacket with me, and was able to keep my upper body and head dry. When it stopped raining, the jacket dried quickly and was easy to pack back into its pouch. I'm glad I had it—much easier for a trip than juggling an umbrella." -kellyMI,

    Neha TandonNeha Tandon is the E-Commerce Editor of Women's Health—she's an expert in discovering the best products you can buy and giving recommendations.

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