These strapless bras will actually stay up – from Wonderbra to Skims (2023)

Strapless bras are notoriously tricky to buy. We’re willing to bet even those who consider themselves lingerie connoisseurs have worn one that soon becomes a belt, one that is so tight you can’t breathe or one that gives serious mono-boob vibes.

But, whether you’re looking to wear a strapless dress or just dislike the straps on even the most comfortable bra, a good strapless bra is quite an essential for a well-prepared underwear drawer.

And with wedding season coming up, now is the time to start looking – lest you be the bridesmaid having to pull, push and re-jiggle yourself into place before every picture.

Searching everywhere from high-street go-to’s to lingerie specialists, we’ve rounded up the best options for everyone, from those after an added lift, those with larger chests and even those looking for a post-surgery option.

Take a look below at our round-up of the best strapless bras to find which one is best for you.

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How we tested

Testing a strapless bra is quite straightforward, with our tester wearing each one for a full day – whether that was working from home, lifting boxes, running around the supermarket or even going to a concert. But key things to consider were how flattering a fit it was, how well it stayed in place and, perhaps most importantly, how comfortable it was.

The best strapless bras for 2022 are:

  • Best overall – Wonderbra ultimate strapless bra: £45,
  • Best strapless and backless bra – Intimissimi strapless bra with graduated padding and plunge front: £39,
  • Best budget buy – H&M seamless balconette bra: £17.99,
  • Best for cleavage – Next push-up U-plunge multiway bra: £28,
  • Best for comfort – Skims fits everybody bandeau bra: £25,
  • Best sexy strapless bra – Ann Summers sexy lace planet multiway bra: £22,
  • Best for staying up – Boux Avenue strapless padded plunge bra: £28,
  • Best for looks – Pour Moi flora strapless underwired bra: £24,
  • Best for added lift – Victoria’s Secret push up strapless bra: £49,
  • Best post surgery strapless bra – M&S flexiwired post surgery strapless bra: £22.50,
  • Best bandeau – Chantelle soft stretch jersey bandeau bra: £39,
  • Best for everyday wear – Passionata rhythm strapless bra: £36,
  • Best for sucking it all in – Boux Avenue spot mesh plunge strapless bra: £30,
  • Best for larger chests – Elomi smooth moulded strapless seamless underwire T-shirt bra: £44,
  • Best for putting on and taking off – Calvin Klein strapless bra, £42,
  • Best for sculpting –Triumph body make-up essentials, £31,

Wonderbra ultimate strapless bra

Best: Overall

Rating: 10/10

The name of this bra is hard to live up to, but it really did. Of course, Wonderbra was made famous thanks to its revolutionary bra designs, and with two patented technologies working to give it this status it’s unsurprising our tester loved it so much.

Firstly, the bra has padded supportin the form of hand-shaped polycarbonate, meaning it’s comfortable to wear with a natural lift that isn’t too OTT. Secondly, and possibly our favourite part of this bra, are the silicone dots. Instead of the plastic strip that usually features across the top and bottom edge of strapless bras, this one stays up through using non-irritating silicone dots across the wings. The result is a non-slip bra that holds in place without tugging.

Intimissimi strapless bra with graduated padding and plunge front

Best: Strapless and backless bra

Rating: 8/10

Anyone looking to go for a real barely there style bra, this may be the one for you. Able to be worn in a multitude of ways, if you’re looking for just one bra that can be worn with backless dresses, deep V-necks, strapless tops or any other fleshbaring fit, then this Intimissi bra is hard to beat.

(Video) Favorite Strapless Bras & Problem Solving Underwear | Wonderbra, Ultimo, Victoria Secret, Maidenform

The main part of the bra is the deep plunge underwired cups and front band that is comfortable, supportive and able to hold up on its own with a tight enough top to support it – it does have a sticky layer inside the cup that holds particularly well, but pulling it off is like ripping tape off your boobs. The sticky flaps can then be used for added support, but only attached by velcro, can be removed and replaced with the included microfibre covered elastane or transparent straps at the back and neck.

Unfortunately, this is currently out of stock but you can check for stock in store near you and it should be avaialble to shop online again soon.

H&M seamless balconette bra

Best: Budget buy

Rating: 9/10

At under £20, this strapless bra is a great option for anyone on a tight budget and our tester was suitably impressed with how it looked, felt, and held up, despite lifting heavy boxes around – a true test to a strapless bra’s capabilities. It’s built almost in two layers, an underwired cup inner layer and a stretchy bandeau top layer that smooths out any lumps or bumps for a seamless finish. This does make it a little longer than some other options, which helped keep it in place all day, but wouldn’t be ideal for wearing under any sort of crop top.

It was surprisingly comfortable and only needed a couple of tugs through the day to bring it back into position, but there was no fear of it falling down at all. It does also come with detachable straps if you’d ever want that added support too.

Next push-up U-plunge multiway bra

Best: For cleavage

Rating: 8/10

This bra gives a real added oomph for anyone looking to increase their cleavage in a V-neck. Padded underneath and along the outside edges, quite substantially, it holds the bust in place while giving the appearance of a much fuller chest. Silicone is stitched along the lower seam to stop any slippage, and although we didn’t have to pull this bra up, we did have to re-adjust the cups every now and again. Removable straps are also included.

Skims fits everybody bandeau bra

Best: For comfort

Rating: 9/10

More of a boob tube than a bra this Skims bandeau has to be one of, if not the most, comfortable strapless bra on the market. Skims seems to build its bras with comfort in mind – we named its triangle bralette (£32, our best buy in a round-up of the best comfortable bras – so we didn’t expect anything less.

It pulls on either over the head or from the legs and up, and stretches to cover the full chest area. But, do note, it is still tight and takes quite a bit of tugging to pull down – great when you’re after a bra that doesn’t become a belt after a few hours. If you’re looking for more of a bandeau top then we’d also recommend this bra to be worn alone with trousers or jeans, and it comes in a great range of colours from pink to blue too. Just note, although there is a good number of layers of fabric there is no padding so nipple outlines may show.

Ann Summers sexy lace planet multiway bra

Best: Sexy strapless bra

Rating: 8/10

Ann Summers is known for being sexy. The stores alone project a sensual image that can be felt by just walking past. So it’s no surprise that this strapless bra is the sexiest option of our round-up. With Silicone strips on the top and bottom it’s not shifting easily, and the four sets of hook and eyes also make for a more secure fit, while the under padding adds lift for a fuller look.

The cups do seem bigger than other brands of the same size, but the ample padding helps to fill these. With its lacy design it’s definitely a bra to wow with, and it also comes with adjustable multi-way straps for ultimate versatile wear.


Boux Avenue strapless padded plunge bra

Best: For staying up

Rating: 8/10

Granted, this wasn’t the most comfortable bra of our round-up, but it did hold through a gig of dancing, jumping and sweating which was quite the achievement. Its inner padding gave a subtle push without looking too Betty Boop-esque, but definitely helped to lift and perk. With four sets of hook and eye clasps, compared to the regular two, it really does suck you in and also makes you stand taller too, maybe an added bonus for anyone working on their posture. And it also comes with multiway straps for versatile wear.

Pour Moi flora strapless underwired bra

Best: For looks

Rating: 9/10

The first thing we have to say about this bra is that it’s beautiful, which we know may sound a bit excessive for a bra, but it really is. Made from lace with a scalloped edging, it is now by far the prettiest bra in our testers underwear draw, but it’s also surprisingly comfortable too. Silicone strips on the top and bottom edges keep it up well, but anyone with a particularly large chest may not find it has enough support. The outer edges have removable padding for a boosted cleavage and it also comes with removable straps for shoulder or halterneck wear.

Victoria's Secret push up strapless bra

Best: For added lift

Rating: 7/10

Victoria Secret is possibly the most famous lingerie brand in the world, with VS angels, runway shows and celebrity fans springing to mind. So, if the brand is your go-to for all things underwear, then you may want to add this strapless bra to your basket.

With ample under padding for that signature VS lift, a deep sweetheart neckline and multi-way straps, it’s sure to boost, lift and support the chest. But, we did find it didn’t stay up as well as most of our other options in this round-up, so bear in mind it will need a good tug every now and again to put things back in place. Again, as many of the other options, this bra comes with multiway straps.

(Video) The Best Strapless Bras | How To Find The Right Bra For Your Clothes

M&S flexiwired post surgery strapless bra

Best: Post surgery strapless bra

Rating: 8/10

Looking for a post surgery strapless bra may seem like an impossible task, but M&S is here to make things just a little bit easier. Firstly, it’s super soft with a breathable, lightweight foam which is cotton-lined to be gentle against the skin. It is wired, which some may find unusual for a post surgery bra, but it does give that added support to keep things where they should be. There’s an internal pocket for a prosthesis or even a small icepack, and the long band provides extra comfort. Multiway straps are also included with this one.

Chantelle soft stretch jersey bandeau bra

Best: Bandeau bra

Rating: 9/10

Similar to the Skims bra in that both are bandeaus with no underwire, no separate cups and no back clasp, this Chantelle option is a great choice for anyone wanting comfort. It’s soft enough to wear all day (and night) but tight enough that it doesn’t fall down at any point. Our tester even forgot it was on half of the time. It does have inner padding which provided just that added bit of coverage and sculpting that the Skims (£28, didn’t have, meaning there is no monoboob in sight – but, of course that all comes down to personal preference.

Passionata rhythm strapless bra

Best: For everyday wear

Rating: 8/10

Sometimes the most basic things work the best, and if you’re after a standard bra without padding, lift or fancy edges, look no further than this Passionata option. Just like a regular T-shirt bra you can remove the straps from, this fuss-free bra is sure to be a failsafe addition to anyone’s underwear drawer. It’s comfortable enough to wear all day, silicone waves have been piped onto the top seam to keep it in place and it easily slots under any top as your regular go-to bra would.

Boux Avenue spot mesh plunge strapless bra

Best: For sucking it all in

Rating: 9/10

If you’re after a fail safe bra that can be trusted not to budge an inch even under the most tricky tops, then look no further than this Boux Avenue option. It’s not the most comfortable, but you can party the night away without any worry of needing to readjust. It feels like it sucks everything in, which also made us stand with better posture, a definite bonus side effect of the light squeeze.

Also, if you’re someone who does their bras up at the front and then spins it around, you may struggle to get this back around your chest, so we’d recommend this for those who can hook from the back in what sometimes feels like a cirque du soleil move. This one comes with removable straps for multi-way wear too.

(Video) The Best Strapless, Backless + Sticky Bras | Bra Expert Kimmay Caldwell

Elomi smooth moulded strapless seamless underwire T-shirt bra

Best: For larger chests

Rating: 9/10

Larger chests and strapless bras usually aren’t a match made in heaven, but this Elomi option pleasantly surprised our tester. Comfortable to wear, with a good hold and and enough support for everyday errands it ticked most boxes we were looking for. The only thing our tester noted was the cup shape was a bit more oval than round. The small boning in the back added to the support level and the silicone helped hold it in place. Available in sizes 34G to 44FF it does house a good range of sizes not usually covered by most high-street retailers and, again, it comes with multiway straps.

Calvin Klein strapless bra

Best: For putting on and taking off

Rating: 9/10

We’ve already spoken about how difficult certain strapless bras can be to get on, the stickiness of the silicone means spinning them around which gives an almost carpet burn feel, if it budges at all, so this option from Calvin Klein had to feature in our round-up.

With a side closure made up of four hook and eye sets it’s a wonder why all bras don’t close at the side –it was easy to get to with no fuss or contortion involved. There’s no silicone tape but the back has an elastane, silicone feel across the whole middle section meaning it stays up without any tugging. And it also comes with removable straps for added support.

Triumph body make-up essentials

Best: For sculpting

Rating: 8/10

Simple in design, this pared back bra has an almost seamless design that gently moulds to the contours of the body. Underwired, but without any wires visible from the outside, this bra is perfect for seamless sculpting in even the tightest of tops, with no lumps or bumps on show. Wide silicone stripes help it to stay up across the back top and bottom seam and it also comes with removable straps for everyday wear.

The verdict: Strapless bras

We set out to find the best strapless bras without high hopes of finding many that are actually worth buying, but we discovered quite an extensive list from beautiful designs to post surgery options and everything inbetween.

Ultimately Wonderbra stole the show thanks to it’s patented technology. Skims and Chantelle are close runner ups and best if you’re looking for comfort. While Pour Moi was the best looking strapless bra we’ve seen.

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If you’re looking for the best bra brands for larger busts, our round-up delivers on style, comfort and support


How do you get strapless bras to stay up? ›

12. Turn your regular bra into a strapless bra that actually stays up. Take a regular bra strap (like an extra one from a bra with removable straps), and hook it onto the back of your bra on one side, bring it around your back and hook it onto the back of your bra on the other side.

Why does my strapless bra always fall down? ›

If your cups are too small your bust will spill over the top, pushing the bra down. If they're too big, the extra room will make the bra loose and, you guessed it, that bra will be slipping down again. Clearly strapless bras are a delicate balancing act, which is why it's crucial to have yours properly fitted.

Why does my strapless bra not stay up? ›

1.The band is too loose

The first tip in getting a strapless bra to stay upright is to opt for a bandwidth down. Yes, it means you're going to have to battle a little back fat, but by making the band tighter you're compensating for the lack of support from the straps.

Should I go down a size for a strapless bra? ›

When buying a strapless bra, you need to go down at least one band size. You have to wear a size smaller than you would with a standard bra to compensate for losing the support you'd get from straps.

How do I keep my strapless bra up Reddit? ›

Apply one strip on the each side of the bra. Try to find styles that have sticky features like silicone or a rubber grippy band on the inside seam. Silicone inside the cups of a strapless bra will give extra stay-up support. Skip the moisturizer and powder around the bra area for the silicone to work its magic!

How do strapless bras help with heavy breasts? ›

Wrap the tape all the way around the bottom of the bra and then bring it up over the top of the bra on one side, and back down again on the other side. The fashion lover explained, "When you come to the front you bring it up to the bust and then take it underneath and that lifts it."

When should you wear a strapless bra? ›

A strapless bra is a staple for plunging neckline dresses. If you like your bra to be kept hidden under low low neck dresses or blouses, this strapless is an excellent choice. Many strapless bras come with removable straps so that you can re-attach them whenever you want and can wear them with any outfit.

Is it OK to show bra straps? ›

Bra straps need not be hidden, they should be showcased and shown love; but that doesn't mean that every once in a while, you won't come across someone who just won't have it. They'll point it out, say something rude, and walk away as if it were no big deal. But it is a big deal.

Can I wear a strapless bra everyday? ›

Because strapless bras lack the extra support and stabilization of straps, they may not be ideal for everyday wear.

How do you turn a regular bra into a halter bra? ›

How to do it: You'll need a convertible bra in order for this to work. Unhook your bra straps at the back, then hook the two ends together in front of you. Adjust the straps so you can pull them over your head, then tighten until the halter fits snuggly around your neck.

Why does my bra slide down? ›

So, if the underwire is sliding down below your breast, your cup size is likely too big, causing it to sit too low on the front. This can also give off a sagging appearance, which no one wants. So, go one-cup size down, and you'll fall in love with underwire bras all over again.

How do you put on a tube top without falling? ›

You can use safety pins to keep your tube top in place by pinning it to your tube bra. You should ensure that you pin it from the inside of your tube top to the tube bra. You can ask your tube top stylist to help you accomplish this.

How do strapless bras help with heavy breasts? ›

Wrap the tape all the way around the bottom of the bra and then bring it up over the top of the bra on one side, and back down again on the other side. The fashion lover explained, "When you come to the front you bring it up to the bust and then take it underneath and that lifts it."

What does it mean if the back of your bra rides up? ›

If you're on the tightest setting and your bra still rides up in the back, you either need to go down a band size or your bra has stretched over time and you just need a new bra! A back band that is too large will ride up your back and sit too high up.

How do you know if your bra cup is too big? ›

There's a gap at the top of the cups.

When you look down at your bra do you notice space between your breasts and the cup? If so, it's too big. If you aren't able to see any gaps while standing up, try leaning over while looking into a mirror. If there is extra space in your cups it's time for a new size.

Why does my bra lift up when I raise my arms? ›

If your bra stands away from you, or your breasts slip out the bottom of the cups when you lift your arms above your head, this is another clear sign that you are not wearing the correct size bra. If this happens, it means that the underband is too loose against your ribcage.

Do you wear a strapless bra with a tube top? ›

Tube bra works great with strapless, off-shoulder or tube tops and dresses. They provide you with the much-needed support without any ugly bra straps showing. Most of the bandeau or tube bras come with pockets to insert pads. This makes the bra versatile enough to be worn under body-hugging outfits for no nipple-show.

How do I stop my top from sliding down? ›

Layer A Shirt Underneath

Try layering a T-shirt underneath your strapless dress. The extra fabric will hold up better against bare skin, plus it'll add something unexpected to your look. Diana Tsui told readers over at The Cut to layer turtlenecks underneath strapless dresses.

What holds a strapless dress up? ›

A strapless dress or top is a garment that stays put around the upper body without shoulder straps or other visible means of support. It is usually supported by an internal corset and/or brassiere, with the tightness of the bodice preventing the dress from slipping out of position.


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