how the levels of National,Provincial and Local government address the interests of civil society - (2023)

Ways how national, provincial and local governments address the interests of civil society.


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Civil societies act as a bridge to the governments. Public and civil problems are discussed, forwarded and channelized through civil societies in a country. The members include all the citizens and interested groups who aim at reconstructing social, political and economic loopholes of a country.

In order to address the interests of civil societies, the national government implement laws and policies in respect to the demands of the public. Through legislative process, the national government pass laws that secures the demands of the civil societies. Bills such as women and children protection, immigration and citizenship laws, promotion of equality, price inflation, etc are some of the demands which are mostly made by civil societies.

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In provincial governments, state or regional governments may pass bills and laws demanded by regional civil societies within its jurisdiction. The bills may include protection of socially and economically marginalized groups, state territorial laws, state excise and tax laws, etc.

The smallest form of government are the local governments. They do not address the demands of the civil societies through a legislative process but through consensus. The demands are mostly achieved by deliberately sitting for discussion and debates among the civil societies and the local governments directly.

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