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“Basically sorting out everything… Basically made everything a lot,loteasier.”

I honestly don’t think I would have come if it wasn’t for Go! Go! Nihon.

Tom, England

“…Go! Go! Nihon helped me tochoosea language school…”

Elena, USA

“It’s a once in a life opportunity and I am so happy I did it, becauseI love it here.”

David, Sweden

“When I just stumbled acrossa link to Go! Go! Nihon on a Japanese study forum, I couldn’t really understand how suchan amazing servicecould be provided forfree…”

Andrezj, England

“I’m sure that Go! Go! Nihon is thebest and easiest way to get to Japan. Without theirhelpit’s not impossible to come to Japan, but it’s very difficult.”

Jürgen, Austria

Jürgen, Austria

It was a great dream of mine to learn Japanese. I was already an exchange student in Japan and at that time I fell in love with the country. Back in Austria, my goal was to return to Japan as soon as possible, for at least a year.

Go! Go! Nihon helped with the visa, the registration at the language school, in getting a room in the dormitory, and they answered every question quickly. My coordinator Davina was very nice and I could meet her at ‘Japan Day’ in Düsseldorf because Go! Go! Nihon had a stand there. I’m sure that Go! Go! Nihon is the best and easiest way to get to Japan. Without their help it’s not impossible to come to Japan, but it’s very difficult.

The Fukuoka Foreign Language College has really good teachers; they will motivate you to learn Japanese. I was surprised at how well everything is organized. Everyone is very helpful. You meet a lot of people from all over the world. I recommend the school because your Japanese will improve quickly. There are also some events where you can participate and improve your Japanese. If you would like, you can get a Japanese buddy. There are no electives, but if you want to practice more conversation, kanji, or grammar, the school provides information on getting free or very inexpensive Japanese lessons, often taught by volunteers. I wanted to find a part-time job as quickly as possible. Even without knowing Japanese, you can find a job. In the process, your Japanese can improve quickly. Fukuoka is fantastic. The city is underrated. You’ll find everything you need in Fukuoka. Here you’ll find nature, the sea, the mountains, and party. The right thing is there for everyone.

My tip for future language students: just do it! If you would seriously like to learn Japanese, you must be in the country.

“Go! Go! Nihon has been absolutelyamazing.I knew I wanted to live in Japan but I had no idea what I was doing…”

Jordan, USA

“I had such a good experience with Go! Go! Nihon that I used their services again a year later for a second trip to Japan!”

Benjamin, Austria

Benjamin, Austria

I wanted to study Japanese in Japan, because I was looking to improve my proficiency in the language as much as possible over the summer holidays. However, I had never been to Japan before and I had no idea how to go about organising such a trip. In fact, the whole idea was quite daunting. Luckily, as I was researching online I stumbled upon Go! Go! Nihon’s website by chance. All the various services provided by Go! Go! Nihon made the whole process so much easier than if I had tried to do it alone. From finding a language school and accommodation, to organising shuttle services from and to the airport, I had such a good experience with Go! Go! Nihon that I used their services again a year later for a second trip to Japan!

Go! Go! Nihon helped me find host families to live with during my stays, something that was important to me, because I wanted to really immerse myself into this new environment in order to learn as fast as possible. I was really welcomed into the family each time, to experience everyday life with them as a quasi-family member, rather than just as a foreign guest. From going on family outings to helping me at the post office; my host family members were always friendly and helpful, and were eager to show me around. In short, both of my homestay experiences were fantastic in almost every way! I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone wanting to experience life in Japan!

Right from the start, it was well planned and organized, thanks to Go! Go! Nihon <3They helped me with the forms for school, with researching accommodations, with the paperwork for a student visa (which I sadly had to give up on). They really supported me a lot during my entire three-month journey. They were always available to clear up any questions I or my parents had, from the simplest of things to more complex matters.

Caterina, Italy

Caterina, Italy

Well then, should we sum up this fabulous experience? Yes, because it really was fabulous, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Right from the start, it was well planned and organized, thanks to Go! Go! Nihon <3 They helped me with the forms for school, with researching accommodations, with the paperwork for a student visa (which I sadly had to give up on). They really supported me a lot during my entire three-month journey. They were always available to clear up any questions I or my parents had, from the simplest of things to more complex matters. On site, they were prompt and energetic when I had a logistical or school-related sort of problem. I met them in person and we had a nice chat about my life in Japan and they gave me some suggestions for my future.They’re young people like us and they provide this service free of charge just to help us study and live in Japan.

It was an adventure I’ll never forget, and although I took a ton of photos, the emotions I felt every single day can’t be captured on film, but will remain in my heart forever. I grew up so much and now I’m much more independent. I felt comfortable at school despite the initial difficulties, the teachers are competent and they understand that if you’re here, you’re highly motivated! The dormitory was definitely on the small side, but it turned out be functional, and all things considered, it wasn’t bad at all there.

Well, in short, I’d do it all again 1,000 times over, since I know I wouldn’t be alone…!Thank you, Go! Go! Nihon for helping make my dream come true! ^_^

Grazie a loro sono ora a studiare in Giappone! Mi hanno aiutato molto sia con la scuola (iscrizione, documenti, orientamento) sia dandomi tutte le informazioni per poter venire a... vivere qui in tutta tranquillità. Senza di loro non ce l'avrei mai fatta, mi hanno cambiato la vita!read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (3)


Gogo est une entreprise à l'écoute, ils répondent rapidement et sont vraiment là pour vous aider. Merci

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (4)

joachim L.

Amid the current global crisis, Go! Go! Nihon has not only kept students up to date with the constant regulation changes but they were at the forefront of actualizing the dreams... of soo many stranded students. Without the hard work of the Go! Go! Nihon team I don't think mine or many other's dreams would have come true. When all seemed lost, they were there to give us hope. It is a pleasure to deal with them. If you are planning on studying in Japan I highly recommend using the Go! Go! Nihon service.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (5)

Zander M.

Von Anfang an gut aufgehobenDank dem Team von Go!Go! Nihon war die Bewerbung bei einer Sprachschule in Japan so unglaublich einfach. VIELEN LIEBEN DANK, an das gesamte Team für... die großartige Leistung - selbst in dieser schweren Zeit.Wer Interesse an einer Sprachreise nach Japan hat, sollte sich - meiner Meinung nach - unbedingt vom Team von Go!Go! Nihon helfen lassen.Selbst wenn man gar keine Ahnung hat und einfach "nur" in Japan japanisch lernen will, hilft Go!Go! Nihon von Anfang an:Egal wo man lernen will, es steht eine große Auswahl an Schulen zur Verfügung. Das Team übernimmt die Kommunikation mit den Schulen, hilft bei der Suche nach Unterkünften - unabhängig, ob Homestay oder Schulwohnheim.Man muss sich um fast nichts kümmern, ausschließlich die benötigten Unterlagen muss man - selbstverständlich - selbst zusammentragen. Ansonsten übernimmt das Team von Go! Go! Nihon die komplette Kommunikation mit den - japanisch-sprachigen - Behörden und Anlaufstellen.Man bekommt einen detaillierten Ablaufplan, wann man was tun sollte. Man hat seinen eigenen Ansprechpartner, den man - so ziemlich - alles Fragen kann und der einen betreut. Man wird wirklich NIE alleine gelassen.Vielen Dank nochmal an das ganze Team.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (6)

Jessica G.

Sono sempre stato supportato da Go! Go! Nihon dall'inizio fino all'arrivo in Giappone. Nonostante le difficoltà del passate prima di poter entrare in Giappone hanno sempre... cercato di tenerci aggiornati. Consiglio il servizio.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (7)

Giovanni S.

Je recommande sans aucune hésitation GoGoNihon, l’accompagnement se fait à partir des premiers questionnements jusqu’à l’arrivée au Japon. L’équipe est toujours réactive pour... faire l’intermédiaire et aider lors des différentes procédures, d’autant plus avec la situation très délicate du Covid et des réouvertures de frontières par la suite. Un merci tout particulier à Maxime qui s’est occupé de notre dossier avec professionalisme !read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (8)

Sara C.

Sie haben mir bei der Suche nach einer Sprachschule und einer Wohnung geholfen und mich unterstützt. Dazu zählt die Zusammenstellung der Unterlagen fürs Visum, Anmeldung bei der... Schule oder auch der Übersetzung von japanischen Dokumenten, die u.a. aufgrund der COVID Situation für die Einreise notwendig waren.Ich hatte einen Ansprechpartner der mir immer super schnell geantwortet hat und mit dem ich mich in meiner Muttersprache austauschen konnte, das hat definitiv vieles erleichtert.Ich denke ohne die Hilfe wäre ich an der Bürokratie gescheitert.Ich kann den Service definitiv uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen und möchte mich an dieser Stelle auch nochmal herzlichst für die Unterstützung bedanken. Macht weiter so:-)read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (9)

Tobias K.

Thanks to GoGoNihon and one of their affiliate schools, I was able to make it to Japan right after the borders reopened. If it weren't for them then I wouldn't have been able to... do this, definitely recommend them if you're interested in studying Japanese in Japan!read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (10)


je suis très satisfait de l aide de go go nihon tout au long de ma préparation pour mon départ au japon,je remercie Julien pour son accompagnement .Bruce

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (11)

Fulgator L.

Yes!/5,will not have to use again as everything went well and now I'm studying in Japan but I am recommending to anyone wanting to study in Japan.I've applied for studying in... Japan right before the pandemic hit so I wasn't able to travel to Japan before the borders closed. Shannen and later Felipe from GoGoNihon stayed with me through more than 2 years getting me through the whole process and helping me with all the matters related to getting to studying in Japan including helping with my own somewhat unique circumstances. GoGoNihon does deserve the high score it has.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (12)

Dmitry V

sensational. kind, capable, patient, they always take care about us. without their help I would never have made it. thank you so much for everything!!

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (13)

Daniele D.

I can't thank Go!Go!World enough! They held my hand throughout the entire process of moving and studying in Japan and made it an absolute breeze. They were very responsive and... always provided helpful information anytime I had a question. Thank you so much Go!Go!World!!read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (14)

Noah C.

Excellent service, le staff est a l'écoute et mon dieu que ca a était compliqué avec le COVID, ils ont jamais lâchés.On se sent soutenu pendant toutes les démarches et cela est... fait sérieusement.Un grand merci tout spécialement a Julien et Akiko, mais aussi a Davide pour sa lutte pour la réouverture des frontières.Encore merci.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (15)

ludovic F.

Amazing. Even during the time the border was closed, they always provide support. Very reliable, and it's free. Don't pass up on them👍

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (16)

English P.

La personne qui m'a accompagnée vers l'acceptation de mon dossier par l'école était très professionnelle et très réactive. Dès que je posais une question, j'étais presque sûr de... recevoir une réponse le lendemain ou dans les deux trois jours suivants, en fonction des weekends.Au vu de ma situation, je pense que sans Go Go Nihon, ça aurait été un calvaire pour moi de me lancer dans ces démarches.Edit: je suis maintenant au japon, et ce grâce à l'aide de Gogo Nihon (merci Julien et Miho), leur aide m'a évité beaucoup de stress.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (17)

Stéphane D.

Поездка в Японию, особенно долгосрочная, не такое и простое дело, поэтому я решила воспользоваться услугами GoGo Nichon. И не прогадала. Время короновируса, открывающихся и... закрывающихся границ, да и вообще всего, что происходит в мире, сделало планирование поездки еще сложнее. Но благодаря помощи и поддержки со стороны данной организации, я смогла не только благополучно и без всяких проблем приехать в Японию и начать обучение в языковой школе, но и сохранить множество нервных клеток, так как на протяжении всего долгого и нелегкого пути мои вопросы и проблемы быстро решались.Отдельная благодарность Кристине, которая помогала и вела меня на протяжении всего процесса! Даже находясь уже в Японии, я знаю, что в случаи чего, мне есть к кому обратиться. Спасибо!read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (18)

Ёжик A.

I very strongly recommend using this service if you want to study in a language school in Japan.After almost two years of waiting I finally made it to Japan, if not for this... service I would have probably given up because of the complicated bureaucracy.With everything that was happening with the travel restrictions and new regulations every few months I can't imagine being able to go through all of it without the help of GoGo Nihon.I had a very positive experience with their services, not to mention that it doesn't cost you anything.I would definitely use their services again if I the need arises.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (19)

לנה ד.

Servicio y comunicación excelentes. Gracias a ellos he logrado venir a Japón a una escuela de japonés. Ayudan en todo el proceso desde el principio hasta el final, en el más... mínimo detalle. La comunicación ha sido siempre fluida y rápida. Les estoy muy agradecido por toda la ayuda y por el trabajo que hacen!!read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (20)

alberto M.

(Video) Language Schools in Japan (Q&A with Go! Go! Nihon!)

At first I thought this was too good to be true, but this services actually got me (and some of my classmates) into Japan. Not only did GoGoNihon help, but they did it during... COVID time which made everything worse. Would highly recommend any student who wants to study abroad and wants help to get there!read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (21)

Spencer F.

My journey with GoGo Nihon began all the way back in late 2019. I had found them through a YouTube video. I was looking into how to get into a Japanese language school and a... youtuber I follow recommended them.Finally, in 2022, I was able to start my education in Japan, and it's all thanks to GoGo Nihon. They not only helped me every step of the way, they were on top of the ever changing immigration landscape due to covid 19. I truly feel as if the people from GoGo Nihon who I spoke with cared, and were trying their absolute best to get things moving for me. I can't say enough good things about GoGo Nihon, they really make the whole process seamless and easy. Having one point of contact through them, instead of dealing with all of the agencies directly is a lot more helpful than it may seem at first glance.Absolutely take advantage of the services that GoGo Nihon and GoGo world offers! You won't be sorry!read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (22)

John D.

A great resource to have when applying for schools in Japan. They helped me through the application process, made sure everything was correct, and gave you everything needed to... get to Japan! I applied for April 2022 term and was able to arrive in Japan without a problem. There's a lot of waiting, but that's unavoidable. They definitely support you in every way they can. I recommend this if you're unsure how to apply to schools and do all the paperwork.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (23)

Maggy P.

Hjälpsamma och det kostar inte en krona. Hade inte klarat av att hantera alla turer kring pandemin om jag inte fått deras hjälp.Starkt rekommenderat för den som vill studera i... Japan.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (24)

Jonas F.

Good service and always helped with any of my concerns. Would 100% recommend to anyone wanting an easy process when applying to a language school!

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (25)

Daniel O.

GoGoNihon hat mich von der Auswahl der Schule bis hin zum Einreiseprozess stets und zur vollsten Zufriedenheit begleitet und unterstützt. Alle Fragen wurden immer sofort einen... Tag später beantwortet (Zeitverschiebung bedenken). Selbst nach der Einreise standen Sie mir mit Rat und Tat zur Seite.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (27)


Really great service!Remember to always ask questions to them and they will help you out.

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (28)


Ho passato quasi un anno e mezzo a comunicare con Gogonihon (a causa della situazione del Covid) e sono sempre rimasta piacevolmente stupita dalla loro disponibilità e capacità... di comunicazione. I processi per viaggiare in Giappone da studenti sono difficili ma grazie a loro ho avuto un supporto non indifferente, non so come avrei fatto senza. Il sito è fatto benissimo e lo staff è gentilissimo, risponde sempre a tutte le domande che gli vengono fatte in maniera esaustiva e ti assistono passo dopo passo. Sono davvero davvero soddisfatta!read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (29)

Giada C.

Toller Service. Kann man nur empfehlen.

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (30)

Raphael Ö.

I just arrived in Japan and received such a huge amount of help from Go!Go!Nihon - The application for a student visa is extremely thorough but I was fortunate enough to have... guidance every step of the way. Documents and requisites were all sent to me through Go!Go!Nihon who were in contact with the school I enrolled in.I managed to secure an accommodation almost last minute through their portal as I was put in contact with a coordinator from OakHouse, Jan-Philipp, who helped me find the best choice for accommodation.I completed my application through Italian and was helped by Gianluca, who has been both knowledgable and tremendously helpful.Huge thanks to the GoGoNihon team and to Gianluca for his good humour and patience!read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (31)

Fabio L.

Where should i start? These guys are so good, that they deserve high recognition for their hard dedicated work. I was aware that they were assisting me & prolly hundreds of other... ppl every other day for their visa process (not mention this was happening during covid + constant border closers), that in itself is impressive. With Japan being very strict on documentation, Team Go!Go! Makes it easy to understand and simplify the immigration steps. With affordable rates, this is a no brainer choose these guys if you’re trying to get into Japan. ✌️read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (32)

Mikey D.

A Gogo Nihon me ajudou a chegar ao Japão sugerindo escolas para me matricular, me ajudou com moradia e intermediando meu contato com a escola. O serviço deles foi todo gratuito e... me deram todo suporte em português. Fiquei muito feliz por toda ajuda que eles me deram :)Agradecimento especial ao Felipe e a Nina, que foram meus contatos diretos lá!read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (33)

Raul A.

Great service, they handled the whole process together with me. I have nothing to complain, fully recommend. Thank you

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (34)

Radion M.

Me ayudaron desde el inicio y fueron muy cordiales y atentos, lo que empezó como una pequeña duda termino en la realización de un sueño, no puedo mas que hablar bien del servicio... que brindan y la atención que dan a las personas que estan interesadas en vivir y estudiar en Japón, el sitio web es muy facil de entender y te ayuda a elegir la opción que mas se adapte a tus necesidades, de igual manera al comunicarte con ellos te aclaran todas las dudas que puedas llegar a tener y te asesoran de inicio a fin en el proceso y pasos necesarios para poder llegar a Japón, sin duda alguna un excelente servicio, y no dudaria en recomendarlo ya que hacen un excelente trabajo.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (35)

Edgar C

Lo staff di Go Go Nihon è molto disponibile e competente, sia per quanto riguarda l'aiuto nella scelta della scuola sia per quanto riguarda il supporto nelle procedure... burocratiche per entrare in Giappone. Mentre i confini del Giappone erano chiusi, io ed altri studenti abbiamo ricevuto costantemente supporto e aggiornamenti sulla situazione.Servizio consigliatissimo!read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (36)

Chiara “Nagareboshi” V.

I recommend strongly Go!Go! Nihon services to anyone who wish to apply for Japanese Language studies in Japan.Excellent quality of service and assistance when it comes to... applications, documentation, and providing answers for any questions.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (37)

Mohammed Al H.

GoGoNihon helped me come to Japan and made the process incredibly simple, with detailed instructions of exactly what to do, how to do it and when to have it completed. They bridge... the communication gap by being intermediaries with the schools, helping ensure nothing is lost in translation, as well as provide guides and answering any questions you may have. If studying in Japan is a dream/goal of yours, there's no better way to do it than through them. It's free and simple, and they give so many helpful resources to streamline the whole process, including accommodation in Japan. 5/5 stars doesn't do them justice.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (38)


Hace tres días que llegué a Japón y estoy contentísima de haber contado con la ayuda y el apoyo de Go! Go! Nihon en este laaaargo camino. Siempre se han adaptado a lo que les he... solicitado y me han respondido rápidamente. Me parece increíble (y maravilloso) que ofrezcan este servicio gratis para los alumnos, ayudándote con los documentos y con la infinidad de papeleo y burocracia de más que ha supuesto la pandemia. A pesar de lo ardua que ha sido la pelea para que podamos nuevamente entrar a Japón a estudiar, desde Go! Go! Nihon siempre han estado al pie del cañón para que abriesen las fronteras. ¡Muy recomendable!read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (39)

María -

Merci à Go! Go! Nihon sans qui je ne serai probablement pas au Japon actuellement, avec tous les problèmes qui avaient été engendrés par le COVID et les fermetures des... frontières.La personne en charge de mon dossier a toujours fait preuve d'un grand professionnalisme en m'accompagnant dans le choix de mon école, logement et en facilitant les procédures pour la demande de visa, et a toujours répondu à toutes mes questions avec une grande réactivité (2 ou 3 jours maximum).Encore merci à toute l'équipe qui fait tout son possible pour permettre aux étudiants d'aller au Japon !read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (40)

Morgane P.

Great support from the start to the end, even through these trying times. Absolutely astounding service.

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (41)

Alex G.

Amazing job helping to enter Japan not just students… also workers and families.

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (42)

Tomas H.

Excelente servicio, completamente en español. Una gran ayuda para resolver todas las dudas que puedan surgir con los trámites para estudiar en Japón. Recomendadísimo

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (43)

Fernando Sainz P.

Great service from the GGN Sweden coordinators. Helped me every step on the way, even though it was their most busy time ever with the country opening back again after such a long... time. Extra shoutout to Elin whom has saved my behind on several occations with information and help with my requests. 12/10 would recommend if you´re a Swedish person interested in studying in Japan.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (44)

Kasper H.

I found GoGo Nihon very helpful and reassuring when I was unsure of anything. They responded to my questions quickly and clearly. I would recommend them for an easy school... admission process.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (45)

Rose D.

等了一年多 終於順利出發到日本感謝古小姐的幫忙第一時間給予許多資訊非常推薦第一次去日本的留學生找這裡服務

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (46)


Otroligt hjälpsamt, trevligt och kunnigt team. Jag hade aldrig lyckas att ansöka på egen hand utan gogonihons hjälp. Min största dröm i livet att få studera japanska i Japan har... äntligen tagit sin början.read more

(Video) STUDYING IN JAPAN || Revealing My Japanese Language School + My Experience

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (47)

bluie D.

Je recommande à 100% de s'inscrire à une école de langue via GO GO Nihon. Cette pandémie a prouvé leur dévouement et leur professionnalisme durant cette année très difficile.... Pendant plus d'un an, Go Go Nihon était là pour m'accompagner, répondre à la moindre de mes questions et m'envoyer tous les documents nécessaires et vitales pour bien s'organiser à partir au Japon. J'écris actuellement ce commentaire depuis Tokyo et je me sens soulagé.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (48)

Loris L.

Really helpful and friendly staff, they helped me during the whole process, and even after submitting my application. :)If you ever want to study in Japan, don't hesitate to... reach out to them, they are highly skilled and professional in all aspects of these processes.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (49)

Roland N.

Un accompagnement très professionnel et sans failles. C’est avec joie que je vous recommande le soutien de l’équipe Go Go Nihon pour vos démarches dans le cadre de vos futures... études au Japon !read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (50)

charlotte G.

My husband and I had a great experience using Go! Go! Nihon. Our coordinator Layna was amazing! She guided us through the entire application process and answered any questions we... had. I would highly recommend Go! Go! Nihon to anyone wanting to study Japanese in Japan.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (51)


Une équipe de professionnels, qui n'hésite pas a répondre à vos questions.

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (52)

Bastien B.

Équipe qui répond toujours le plus rapidement possible pour nous aider dans les démarches concernant les études au Japon. Ce sont des moments difficiles à vivre seul, mais grâce... à l'équipe de Go go Nihon il y du stress en moins.Merci encore pour votre disponibilité er vos conseils avisés.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (53)

Fuentes C.

Bon service, donne pas mal tous les détails et donne bcp d'aide généreuse!Sans compter qu'il son gratuit!

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (54)


Équipe et service au top, et le tout sans aucun frais!Encore merci à Julien!

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (55)

Victor L.

GoGoNihon did a great helping my two teenaged children and myself apply to ISI Kyoto. With their help, we were accepted and made into Japan. They provided great communications,... suggestions and feedback. I would highly recommend them.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (56)

Kirk S.

Incredible company and people. They have always helped me and made the process to come to Japan much easier. I highly recommend their service.

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (57)

Cece D.

They helped me in every step, answered to all my questions and dubs.. what else to say.... they are amazing and so kind.

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (58)


I applied to study in Japan in the middle of 2021, so the worst time pretty much.What would have been an already strenuous experience normally was made worse by these... extra-ordinary circumstances.But you know, in trying times people show their true character, as they say. And while I was wasting away, eroded by stress and in a constant state of anguish, Go! Go! Nihon was steadfastly supporting me. My councilor always carrying out his duties with the utmost professionalism and what felt like genuine care to see my project come to fruition. Which it did as I write this. And saying that this was thanks to his, and this organization's effort is a serious understatement.So if, like me, you're stressed, not sure where to turn, indecisive or with a hard case of imposter syndrome. Heave a sigh of relief, and go send them a message.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (59)

Hugo Penet (.

Grâce à eux, j'ai pu commencer des cours en ligne pour ensuite partir au Japon. Accompagnement professionnel jusqu'au bout malgré le Covid et les frontières fermées. Un grand... merci à toute l'équipe de Go! Go! Nihon.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (60)

Serge-Nicolas V.

I found out about Go! Go! Nihon when I was looking for a Japanese language school in Japan. I've searched the internet and Go! Go! Nihon was the most recommended service for that... purpose. I contacted them and had a good impression from the start. The whole prosses was accompanied by a representative of GoGo and they did their best to answer any question that I had. I will also mention that even when the borders were closed they didn't stop and continued their services and was available this whole time.So if you want to study in Japan the Japanese language Go! Go! Nihon is highly recommended, and the service is free so you don't need to worry about any commission.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (61)

מני ג.

Ottimo servizio, sempre gentili e disponibili per qualsiasi domanda o necessità! Assolutamente consigliato :)

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (62)


Strongly recommend Go!Go! Nihon services to anyone who wish to apply for Japanese Language studies in Japan. It's way easier than applying myself. I also managed to get my COE... with their assistance. Besides, the coordinator is very responsive to my questions and concerns. Special thanks to Layna from Go!Go! Nihon :)Overall I'm very satisfied of the whole experience. Thank you!read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (63)

Hana L.

Excellent quality of service and assistance when it comes to applications, documentation, and providing explanations for any questions.Made applying for a Japanese school an... easy and streamlined process, would definitely recommend. They also have many resources online and on youtube to provide perspective on the school life in Japan!read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (64)

Eric H.

Go! Go! Nihon est un organisme que je recommande vivement. Je suis actuellement inscrit dans leur programme de cours en ligne pour débutant qui est d'excellent rapport... qualité-prix. En parallèle, leur accompagnement afin de postuler dans une école au Japon est formidable et les personnes en charge de mon dossier sont très réactives et professionnelles. Merci à vous!read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (65)

Quentin L.

Go! Go! Nihon's team helped me in all the steps to select and register in a Japanese language school. The person who took care of my case was really reactive and answered all my... questions to help me prepare and progress in the different steps. If you want to go and study Japanese in Japan, I really recommend the Go! Go! Nihon team! ありがとうございます!read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (66)

Romain B.

Équipe très sympathique et réactive, ils se plient en 4 pour nous aider à mettre toutes nos chances de notre côté pour être accepté par l'école de notre choix et ensuite, pour... préparer au mieux notre départ pour le Japon !read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (67)

Huz P.

Thanks to them, enrolling into a school became much easier! I'm not sure I'd have been accepted if they didn't help me along the way. I'm leaving to Japan soon and I can only... recommend them to anyone willing to leave.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (68)

Bai S.

Super service, j'ai reçu beaucoup d'aide pour l'organisation de mon voyage et pour le choix de l'école !Les réponses sont très rapides et claires.

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (69)

Alexandra A.

Très bon accompagnement dans mes démarches pour rejoindre une école japonaise. Les conseillers sont réactifs et très compréhensifs. Je recommande !

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (70)

Alexis G.

Bon accompagnement des recommandations d'écoles jusqu'à l'aboutissement de la demande d'inscription, procédures claires, Intranet prévu pour les candidatures intuitif (ce qui est... une bonne chose, vu l'exhaustivité des documents à fournir).Bref, c'est bien !read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (71)

Jerome D.

Excellent experience. The administrative team is very efficient. Great listeners, they are available and answer in no time. Applying to a japanese language school with Gogonihon... was definitely a lot easier than applying by myself ! They always found a solution to any kind of issue I faced and them being so available to answer my questions was a great help. Thanks again for your kindness and efficiency!read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (72)

Marie T.

Equipe au top et très réactive. Une sensation de sécurité dans cette nouvelle aventure. Mention spéciale à Maxime qui est très compétent.

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (73)

Sommano K.

Thank you Go! Go! Nihon, (especially Jea & James) for your patient and professional attention to our applications. We couldn't have done it without you.Thank you Go! Go! Nihon... for being so positive and optimistic about our plans. We've received acceptance letters from our school of choice!If you've decided to study Japanese in Japan, Go!Go! Nihon is a great place to start.ありがとうございましたread more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (74)

Jeff J.

(Video) Accommodation Options: School Dormitory - Go! Go! Nihon Live Show

I started using the services of gogoNihon during the last enrollment session and all I can say is they are very fast and efficient at what they do.The whole process is completely... streamlined so that it is easy to see what is still needed and what is already done !You can also communicate to your own agent in charge of your case, that has almost always responded to my questions the day I asked them. For the more complex part of the process you even get to set up phone appointments in your chosen language to facilitate understanding and efficiency.Overall I'm very satisfied of the whole experience !read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (75)


Le staff est super sympas et à l'écoute. Les réponses sont rapides et efficaces ! Merci à vous !

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (76)

eSpïky “.

Une équipe professionnel qui m'a conseillée et aider pour trouvée une école tout c'est très bien passée

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (77)

Ryan C.

Acompagnement complet dans toutes les démarches avec un temps de réponse très rapide et des informations très claires.Je remercie Go Go Nihon et recommande leurs services à... toute personne souhaitant étudier au Japon !read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (78)

Halim B.

Je recommande a 100% toute personne qui a pour projet d’étudier au Japon ! L’équipe est à l’écoute et très compétente ! Merci à Julien pour toute son aide qu’il m’apporte à la... réalisation de mon projet !N’hésitez pas et contacter gogonihon vous ne le regretterez pas ! Les démarches sont très simplifié grâce à eux alors un grand merci à l’équipe de gogonihon !!read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (79)


Je recommande vivement Go! Go! Nihon.Leurs réponses sont rapides et claires et la réalisation de mon dossier s'est très bien passée malgré plusieurs obstacles rencontrés de mon... côté.Grâce à eux, j'ai pu bénéficier de tout le soutien nécessaire, comme le choix de l'école, du logement ainsi qu'avec les relations avec le service d'immigration.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (80)

Olivier I.

J'ai le projet de partir avec Go Go Nihon depuis plus de 5 ans. A présent que mon voyage est défini, tout se passe à merveille : ils répondent rapidement à toutes vos questions,... les démarches sont facilitées, très claires, et ils aident également à trouver une école adaptée à vos envies.Il me tarde de partir avec eux, vous pouvez les contacter les yeux fermés !read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (81)

Sarah W.

Go Go Nihon est un service que je recommanderais à toute personnes souhaitant venir étudier au Japon. Il rend vraiment la démarche pour être accepté dans l'école où l'on a... choisi d'étudier simple et accessible !read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (82)

Alice G.

L'équipe française de GogoNihon, ainsi que leur coordinatrice, a été très efficace concernant mon dossier. Je les recommande. Leur travail a été rapide, clair et précis. Un des... nombreux avantages est la rapidité à laquelle ils vous répondent, permettant un suivi de dossier constant et aucune perte de temps.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (83)

Florian J

Très bonne expérience avec l'équipe, du début à la fin, l'accompagnement est présent et de manière très pro :)

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (84)

Paul B.

Really useful and helpful service for a cheap price. I recommend using Go go nihon to prepare a stay in Japan especially if your objective is to study in Japan as the process can... be quite tedious.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (85)

Kevin de C.

gogonihon's staff spent a lot of time answering my questions and helping me doing my application. The application was successful, thanks.

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (86)

prototise A.

Desde el momento en que comencé con las gestiones, no pensé que me resultaría tan facil poder llegar a japon. Conocí a gogo nihon meramente por coincidencia en youtube, y cuando... me contacte con ellos, me respondieron prácticamente de inmediato, me dieron la información necesaria y ademas lo que ellos necesitaban. Fui de poco en poco cumpliendo con toda la información que me pidieron hasta que finalmente llegue a japon.Ahora me encuentro aquí y no puedo ni siquiera expresar la gratitud que siento por haber conocido a gogo nihon, ya que pensé que me seria imposible poder lograr estudiar fuera de Chile y mas en tiempos de pandemia, llevo solo un mes estudiando en Kobe, es una ciudad y un país hermoso, pero lo que mas agradezco es la buena atención que me dieron desde un principio, ya que apenas tenia dudas me las contestaban en el horario correspondiente de japon y me resultó realmente simple el poder llegar a estar aqui.Estoy extremadamente agradecido por que incluso antes de poder llegar tuve problemas con pagar el arriendo de donde me quedaría, pero aun asi pude llegar al lugar.La verdad jamas pense que iba a ser posible estar aqui, menos gracias a una pagina como esta, me parecía surreal, pero finalmente cuando pisé japon, comprendí que se toman con total seriedad el asunto, ya que en el caso de los estudiantes que llegamos en este periodo, se nos dio la oportunidad de llegar incluso cuando las fronteras estaban cerradas para vacacionar.Recomiendo desde mi grata experiencia a Go Go Nihon, lo unico que se necesita son los documentos, las ganas de venir a aprender el idioma y obviamente tener el dinero que ellos estiman.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (87)

Jose Ignacio Sandoval A.

At the beginning I was a bit hesitant about asking support to GoGonihon, but now I am in Japan thanks to then. Definitely the BEST choice I could have made!!!!!Without the... excellent work of Gogonihon I think I would have had soo much difficulty and stressful moment to organise my study journey here as the procedure is very complicated.Katia, my fantastic GoGonihon guide, has assisted me in an impeccable way from the beginning to the end, from the visa application, to school enrolment, and also sorting out the accommodation. THANK YOU WITH ALL MY HEART GOGONIHON!!!!!read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (88)

Natascia De G.

Super gute Begleitung durch den ganzen Prozess. Ohne die Hilfe von GoGONihon hätte ich das ganze in meinem Alter (36) nicht in Angriff genommen.Die Kommunikation mit meinem... Ansprechparter war immer "on point". Die Antwort ließ nie länger als einen oder maximal zwei Tage auf sich warten. Und wenn es Probleme gab, wurde versucht sie direkt zu lösen.Trotz meines eigenen Anspruchs vieles selber zu organisieren, konnte ich mich immer an meinen Ansprechpartner wenden.Das Coole daran war, dass man nie gezwungen wurde, deren "Angebote" oder "Produkte" in Anspruch zu nehmen.Vielen Dankread more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (89)


Go! Go! Nihon mi ha aiutata a trovare una scuola, un alloggio e preparare tutti i documenti per venire a studiare in Giappone. Mi hanno dato tante informazioni utili e sono stati... molto gentili e disponibili, senza il loro supporto non avrei saputo cosa fare. Lo consiglio vivamente a chiunche voglia iniziare a studiare giapponese in Giappone.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (90)

Ludovica M.

Big shoutout to Catherine from GoGo Nihon for helping me get here during COVID. Moving to a new country can be challenging but GoGo Nihon make the process a lot easier by helping... you along the journey, and the best part is their service is free.Would recommend to anybody looking to study or live abroad in Japan.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (91)

Dylan C.

I am currently settling in to my apartment in Tokyo. I must say, without the help of all of those at Go! Go! Nihon, I would definitely still be at my home in Miami. They are... extremely helpful and willing to guide you through the entire process. I highly recommend their services if you'd like to get into a Language School in Japan.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (92)

Brandon Q.

Servizio eccellente e gratuito.Sono arrivata in Giappone quasi due settimane fa grazie al loro aiuto, in particolar modo grazie alla mia tutor Mara.Go! Go! Nihon fa da tramite... tra voi e la scuola semplificando la preparazione del vostro viaggio, soprattutto durante la prima fase che consiste nel presentare la domanda di iscrizione e ricevere l'ok da parte della scuola e del governo giapponese.Il personale è gentile e fa tutto il possibile per aiutarvi a trovare una soluzione ai vari problemi.Rispondono velocemente ai messaggi: considerando le 8 ore di differenza di fuso orario con l'Italia e i loro orari di ufficio, sono sempre stati puntuali e hanno sempre risposto entro il mattino seguente.Non fanno miracoli ovviamente, quindi serve un impegno costante anche da parte di chi ha intenzione di intraprendere il viaggio.Consigliatissimi!read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (93)

Miriam F.

The team at GoGo Nihon were incredibly supportive during the whole application process. I underestimated how much paperwork was necessary in order to study in Japan, but GoGO... Nihon made it a lot easier. Whenever I had questions (and I had several) they always replied in a quick manner. They also helped with selecting the best school according to my preferences, and provided great options for finding affordable accommodation.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (94)

Andrea P.

Go Go Nihon is absolutely the best way to enroll in a Japanese language school. There are a lot of steps involved in enrolling and receiving your visa and they make sure you do... exactly what you need to when you need to. They are very responsive and helpful. I would absolutely recommend their services.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (95)

Alyssa K.

Their attentive consultation has made it--not easy!--to get started studying Japanese in Japan, but certainly much, much EASIER and more attainable if you're determined and follow... their advice. Even during such an insane era with immigration policies constantly fluctuating and new barriers being added.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (96)

Victoria K.

Just arrived in japan using Go Go Nihon as an intermediary, and they did a great job! They were a huge help with all the paperwork and provided lots of helpful information for the... move.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (97)

Sarah P.

I Highly recommend using Go!Go! Nihon if you truly yearn and wish to come to japan as a student or even for a short term stay, they will help you with all the paperwork and... communication between you and the school as well as inform you of other services that would be of help to you such as getting a sim card, pocket Wi-Fi, finding accommodation for your stay, and answering any other questions you might have regarding japan!They keep you informed in a very timely matter and respond to your messages fairly quickly(1-2 business days typically). Personally i would never have been able to make it to japan especially during the worldly events happening now if it weren't for Go!Go! Nihon being extremely helpful through out the whole process!read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (98)

giovanni M.

Jag rekommenderar starkt att använda Go!Go!Nihon om du har planer/funderingar på att åka till Japan för att studera Japanska. Otroligt bra service och mycket hjälpsam personal.... Ett extra stort tack till Elin för all hjälp jag fått av henne och även hela det svenska teamet för att ha gjort allt så mycket lättare.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (99)

Andréas E.

Senza di loro non sarei mai riuscito ad entrare in Giappone per poter studiare il giapponese.GoGoNihon mi ha sempre supportato in tutto e per tutto, servizio professionale e... sempre disponibile. Senza il loro aiuto non ci sarei riuscito, indispensabili.Non appena scoprì il loro sito internet mi convinsero immediatamente, informazioni chiare e dettagliate e credetemi che per andare in Giappone sono fondamentali.Se volete studiare il giapponese e andare in Giappone contattateli mmediatamente, loro potranno rendere il tuo sogno possibile.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (100)


Använd Go! Go! Nihon ifall du ska studera i Japan. De hjälper med studentvisumansökan, CSN lån, boende i Japan, vilken sorts skola som passar dig och mycket mer. Jag lämnar... ansökningsprocessen enormt nöjd och nästan lite skuldbelagd för hur smidigt allt kändes. De går ur sin väg för att hjälpa dig med alla sorters frågor och funderingar. Kände mig trygg hela vägen i deras händer.Rekommenderar Go! Go! Nihon till alla som vill studera och bo i Japan men som inte vet hur de ska ta första steget.Nu ges de av till nya erfarenheter och minnen för mig här i Japan!read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (101)

Mikael H.

Grazie al team di GoGoNihon per l'aiuto importante ricevuto in questi mesi di assoluta incertezza. Un ringraziamento speciale a Katia per la sua professionalità: ha risposto a... tutte le mie domande e mi ha aiutato a preparare tutti i documenti per trasferirmi in Giappone. Consiglio il servizio a tutti coloro che vogliono venire qui a studiare e a fare questa esperienza! Il supporto è gratuito, vi consigliano la scuola perfetta per voi e vi seguono in tutto! Grazie GoGoNihon!read more

(Video) How to go to Japan as a language student | Introducing GoGoNihon!

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (102)

Karen G.

J'ai été accompagné de près tout du long du processus d'inscription à l'école jusqu'au décollage de mon avion avec une qualité et un soutien irréprochable de la part de l'équipe... de GoGo Nihon ! Je les remercie énormément de leur travail et je recommande fortement à toutes personnes envieuses de venir faire leur étude à l'étranger de passer par eux !Merci infiniment !Germainread more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (103)


Esperienza fantastica! Nonostante la pandemia siamo sempre stati in contatto. Lo staff è gentile e preparato, e ti seguirà passo passo fino al tuo arrivo in Giappone.Consigliato... :)read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (104)

7yu 8.

Da anni sognavo un giorno di poter venire qui in Giappone e poter vivere un'esperienza così travolgente come questa. Per fortuna ho trovato Go! Go! Nihon. Super preparati, super... gentili, super in tutto. Non potrò mai smettere di ringraziare Katia che, con tanta, ma tanta pazienza, ha risposto a tutte le mie domande ed è ancora ora molto paziente con me. Se adesso mi trovo qui, è solo grazie a loro. Grazie Go! Go! Nihon!!!Ps. Avrei messo 10 stelle! :Dread more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (105)

Claudia Bonanno C.

Très bon accompagnement !

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (106)

Picot B.

Disponibili al 110%, risposte in breve tempo e sempre molto accurati! Aiutano veramente moltissimo e con molta professionalità! Sono veramente contento di aver scelto gogò... Nihon!Consigliatissimo a chiunque sia interessato a studiare o lavorare in giappone!!!read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (107)

haru H.

Mi son trovato molto bene con Go Go Nihon!I suoi dipendenti son sempre pronti ad aiutarti per ogni evenienza con professionalità e gentilezza.

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (108)

Guido M.

Ho iniziato a contattare il servizio di Go!Go!Nihon a gennaio 2020 per i corsi di ottobre dello stesso anno. Katia mi ha accompagnato e supportato in tutto quanto il mio... percorso; dalla documentazione necessaria per iscriversi, alla scelta della scuola, all’alloggio e al visto studentesco. Ha anche risposto ad ogni mia domanda o dubbio che avevo in tempi brevi (fuso orario permettendo) fino alla mia partenza posticipata per dicembre causa Covid. Consiglio a tutti di usufruire di questo servizio, assolutamente gratuito, se vi piace il Giappone e volete sia studiare la lingua che viverci per un breve o un lungo periodo. Il personale è sempre molto gentile e disponibile e sarete seguiti passo per passo.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (109)

Vittoria M.

Staff sempre gentilissimo, rispondono esaustivamente ad ogni domanda, ti aiutano in tutti i modi possibili sempre con educazione e pazienzaSoprattutto in un periodo difficile... come questo del covid per spostarsi.Mi sono sempre stati d'immenso aiuto; aiutandomi nella ricerca dell'hotel per la quarantena, del mezzo di trasporto, nella compilazione di tutti i documenti necessari per poter entrare nel paese ecc..Grazie a loro sono riuscita a realizzare il mio sogno di poter studiare in Giappone, non riuscirò mai a ringraziarli abbastanza :))Katia è la migliore 💕😊Fantastici!!read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (110)

Giulia S.

Posso affermare senza ombra di dubbio che Go! Go! Nihon è un servizio d'eccellenza: non solo lo studente sarà seguito dal primo giorno, step by step, nella preparazione del... soggiorno in Giappone, in maniera accurata, ma allo stesso tempo sarà messo nelle condizioni di poter comunicare con scuola e/o ente ospitante settimanalmente in totale flessibilità.Va inoltre sottolineato dal sottoscritto come: nonostante tutte le grane e complicanze dovute al periodo che stiamo vivendo in questo 2020, Go!Go! Nihon riesce ad essere particolarmente professionale, puntuale ed esaustivo nella comunicazione e nelle istruzioni, atte a favorire un liscio arrivo in Giappone.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (111)

Federico C.

Servizio fantastico e addirittura gratuito. Staff disponibile e pronto a rispondere ad ogni domanda o dubbio, un grande aiuto nella preparazione di tutte le procedure necessarie... per vivere e studiare in giappone.Davvero impeccabili ed eccellenti.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (112)


Très à l'écoute et réactifs, ils proposent un accompagnement personnalisé qui s'adapte à chaque situation.

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (113)

Louis C

For a service that is essentially free for users, they exceeded my expectations. They provide quick and thorough responses and truly help as much as they can. The service they... provide makes what may seem impossible and daunting, to manageable and realistic. I think it's safe to say many people would not have the same opportunities without the help of this organization.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (114)

Addison D.

I was feeling more in confidence to register for a School in Japan with Go Go Nihon. They helped me a lot, I needed many papers ant they replied fast to finish my registration as... soon as possible. I especially like the fact that they took time to help me to choose the school that I needed.In my case, they were professional, fast and pleasant with me even if I asked many questions. To have more chance to get approbation in a school, I highly recommend them. Don't forget, you are going to Japan, it's better to have a structure who can give you a hand.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (115)

Aurelien J.

Rien à dire,service impeccable, et ce, toujours dans la bonne humeur !Honto arigato :p

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (116)

Julien G.

Je viens de finaliser ma candidature dans une école de langues à Tokyo via la plateforme Go Go Nihon. Mon dossier scolaire a pu être clôturé rapidement et sans encombre. Tâche... qui se serait révélée ardue si j’avais décidé d’élaborer moi-même ce projet.En somme, un service de qualité et sécurisant !Je recommande Go Go Nihon à toutes les personnes qui souhaitent venir étudier au Japon !read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (117)

Moïra G.

Un grand merci à toute l'équipe de Go! Go! Nihon, et tout particulièrement à Maxime pour leur accompagnement.Votre service m’a été d’une aide très précieuse, que ce soit sur... l’aspect purement administratif (démarches effectuées) ou sur l’aspect personnel (questionnements relatifs à ma propre situation). C’était très rassurant.Je recommande Go! Go! Nihon à tous ceux qui souhaitent partir étudier au Japon.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (118)

Clémence de G.

I had a great communication with GoGoNihon services, I've been well supported in my project and I really recommend it if you want to have any experience in Japan.

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (119)

Kaimy K.

I had a super great experience with GoGoNihon, especially with Julien !Super quick reply, the process was fast, and I always had an answer to my questions.I totally recommend !

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (120)

Nicolas L.

En plus d'un large choix d'école, logement, et conseils pour le Japon, la qualité de communication est impeccable, la réactivité au rendez-vous et le personnel est très sympa.Je... recommande Go! Go! Nihon à toutes les personnes voulant aller étudier au Japon, et ce, sans retenue.Merci pour tout !read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (121)

Tanguy C.

Go ! Go ! Nihon ! est vraiment un excellent intermédiaire pour les personnes souhaitant partir au Japon pour une longue durée. Ils m'ont beaucoup aidé en simplifiant et en... traduisant tout types de document administratif. Ils accompagnent également tout le long du parcours pour trouvé un appartement, une école etc....read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (122)

Rémy Van C.

Bonjour,Go!go! Nihon est une équipe professionnelle qui vous aideront à vos démarches administratives pour étudier au Japon puis vous guider sans difficultés à s'intégrer dans... la vie japonaise.Même malgré la crise sanitaire, ils ont été toujours avec moi pour me trouver d'autres solutions alternatives pour y arriver avec une excellente réactivité !Je conseille Go!Go!Nihon pour votre projet d'études au Japon! L'organisme est au top !Un gros Big-up à Maxime de l'équipe qui m'epaule et se donne pour mon projets, merci bien !Bien cordialement.Adrien.read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (123)

Adrien C.

Go Go Nihon really cares about their clients. I have nothing but great things to say about the team there, they truly are a pleasure to do business with

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (124)


Excellent service. Rapidité, fluidité et staff très aimable. Je recommande vivement.

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (125)

Lorenz B.

Excellente expérience de prise en main de mon dossier. Disponibilité et professionnalisme reflète GOGONihon!Merci encore pour tout..

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (126)

Boris N'guyen van K.

Si vous voulez partir au Japon pour les études ou juste le tourisme, vous êtes à l'endroit parfait.

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (127)


Despite having to cancel my travel to Japan due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the GoGoNihon team handled the situation extremely well, with quickness and efficiency. Special shootout... to Maxime for his support during the whole process!read more

Go! Go! Nihon Testimonials (128)

Maxime Derway (.

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