30 Best Episodes Of The Office Ranked (2022 Updated) (2023)

The Office is a documentary-style series following the lives of employees in Dunder Mifflin. It may seem quite awkward at first, but the cringe factor of its humor actually made the show comedy gold!

We spent 48 hours compiling the best episodes of The Office for you to enjoy!

Top 30 Episodes of The Office

1. Dinner Party (Season 4, Episode 13)

30 Best Episodes Of The Office Ranked (2022 Updated) (1)

Steve Carell is a comedic genius, but the cringe of his character in this episode is insane. After inviting the members of Dunder Mifflin to a dinner party, they were not expecting a dysfunctional relationship unraveling fiasco as what Michael Scott and Jan Levinson had that evening.

From the revelation of their videographed intimate sessions to Scott’s multiple “Snip! Snap! Snip! Snap!” vasectomies, the supposedly peaceful dinner party revealed the toxicity of Michael’s relationship with Jan.

2. Casino Night (Season 2, Episode 22)

30 Best Episodes Of The Office Ranked (2022 Updated) (2)

Casino Night is one great episode the writers couldn’t just screw up. Although it focused first on the illegal charity fundraiser, it then led to a Jim and Pam special.

Casino Night has been the culmination of the 27-episode worth of “Jim Halpert flirting with Pam,” with Jim confessing his feelings for her. Incredible performances were seen both from John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer, and the episode also featured one of the most gratifying “first kisses” in TV history.

The stint on Michael bringing two dates to the event, his girlfriend Carol and love interest Jan, was fun too!

3. Beach Games (Season 3, Episode 23)

30 Best Episodes Of The Office Ranked (2022 Updated) (3)

In all his hope to land the New York city post, Michael Scott set up a Survivor-like competition to decide who would succeed him as the Regional Manager in Dunder Mifflin. This was a truly funny episode, especially since the absurd challenges he had in mind had nothing to do with the vacancy-making.

The Jim-and-Pam-and-Karen tension plays heavily throughout and the love triangle among Dwight, Andy, and Angela.

4. Stress Relief (Season 5, Episode 14 & 15)

30 Best Episodes Of The Office Ranked (2022 Updated) (4)

Contrary to the title, the amount of stress everyone felt in this episode is immense. It begins with Dwight, played by Rainn Wilson, setting a small blaze like a fire drill. In response, Michael throws a printer out of the window while yelling for help, and Stanley almost dies of a heart attack.

They conducted a CPR training session where Michael and Dwight again screwed up. The iconic episode ended where Michael takes his employees’ insults as a form of stress relief. Two days later, Michael burns his subordinates with a barrage of comebacks to their comments, which lit up the office mood.

It’s pretty hard to remember the events from this NBC season two-part episode. To this, they tried to insert Jessica Alba, Jack Black, and Cloris Leachman into a show Jim, Pam, and Andy were watching at the moment.

5. Goodbye, Michael (Season 7, Episode 22)

30 Best Episodes Of The Office Ranked (2022 Updated) (5)

This is the gut-wrenching part of the series where we bid goodbye to Michael Scott as Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin (and to the show, as a whole). This was after Michael decides to leave with his girlfriend, Holly Flax, played by Amy Ryan.

After season 7 episode 22, the writers spent another 2 seasons trying to fill in the incredible hole that Steve Carell left behind. Nonetheless, they did a great job with it. A mix of comedy and heartfelt emotions is absolutely rightful for the departure of the show’s main man.

6. Garage Sale (Season 7, Episode 19)

30 Best Episodes Of The Office Ranked (2022 Updated) (6)

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While everyone in the Scranton branch was busy with their charity garage sale, Pam catches Michael writing, “will you marry me?” using gasoline. Along with Jim, Oscar, and Ryan, she tries to talk Michael out of his fire hazard of a plan. The still-dangerous proposal turned out to be a success as Holly said yes.

Season 7 Episode 19 also set the stage for Michael’s departure from the show after leaving Scranton for Colorado.

7. Cafe Disco (Season 5, Episode 27)

30 Best Episodes Of The Office Ranked (2022 Updated) (7)

Michael still had the lease under his name for the Michael Scott Paper Company. With nothing better to do, he turned the name into Cafe Disco and invited everyone else to join in the fun and dance. However, most of them declined his generous offer.

It wasn’t until Erin and Kelly were dismantling the room when everyone joined in the fun. Jim and Pam segued by planning to get married that day, only to withdraw when they realized they wanted a real ceremony.

8. Broke (Season 5, Episode 25)

30 Best Episodes Of The Office Ranked (2022 Updated) (8)

Michael Scott Paper Company was getting into Dunder Mifflin’s nerves with their undercut prices. However, their steep discounts were counterintuitive as they rendered their company broke.

With the help of Jim positing Pam, Steve, and Ryan as titan entrepreneurs, the management had no choice but to settle for a buyout offer, leading Michael and his subordinates to reinstate their previous positions in Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.

9. The Injury (Season 2, Episode 12)

30 Best Episodes Of The Office Ranked (2022 Updated) (9)

The Injury is the one episode where we fully understood the depths of Michael’s narcissism. A simple seared foot from sleeping next to a George Foreman grill led to the biggest display of self-gratification.

From trying to meddle with Dwight’s concussion CAT scan to asking Beasley to rub Country Crock on his burn, Michael’s lack of self-awareness is sickening -- and the audience loves it!

10. Niagara (Season 6, Episode 4 & 5)

30 Best Episodes Of The Office Ranked (2022 Updated) (10)

Season 6 Episode 4 & 5 is The Office heaven for those who’ve been shipping Jim and Pam since day 1. Yes - The Office NBC Season 6 episode 4-5 is where Jim and Pam finally tie the knot! However, it wasn’t a smooth ride to the ceremony. With Pam’s pregnancy going on, their stay in Niagara was far from easy.

Jim and Michael struggled to keep Meemaw from knowing about the pregnancy. While Andy tears his scrotum apart from a dance-off, Pam had to bring him in, being the only one sober. The scene intensifies when Pam’s mom tries to talk her out of the wedding. To this, Pam sought Jim’s support, and they spent the day together before the ceremony.

After all, the wedding pushed through in a blast-from-the-past-Chris brown-song-guest-flashmob-entrance like it’s 2009 [1].

“As an addendum, I have to admit, as much as I hate that Chris Brown aisle dance, using it as an inspiration for a totally Dunder wedding couldn’t have been more genius on the part of The Office writers.” - Michael Tedder, Writer at Vulture.

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11. Gay Witch Hunt (Season 3, Episode 1)

30 Best Episodes Of The Office Ranked (2022 Updated) (11)

Oscar coming out as gay was the theme that drove this whole episode. After calling Oscar a “faggy”, Michael apologizes immediately after learning about Oscar’s homosexuality.

This fiasco resulted in Dwight and Michael’s quest to learn if there were any other gay members in Dunder Mifflin. Subtle homage to Jim (in Stamford branch) and Pam’s (in Scranton) separation was also repeatedly shown throughout the episode. This was after Pam rejected Jim and broke up with Roy.

12. The Job (Season 3, Episode 24)

30 Best Episodes Of The Office Ranked (2022 Updated) (12)

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The Job, a.k.a. The Dwight Schrute special, was where Dwight finally became the Regional Manager of the Scranton branch. Jim, Karen, and Michael were all interviewing for the same position while Jan got fired from her corporate job.

The real episode kicker is when Jim asks Pam out on a dinner date, reigniting their relationship cliffhanger from Casino Night.

13. Office Olympics (Season 2, Episode 3)

30 Best Episodes Of The Office Ranked (2022 Updated) (13)

If there is one thing that unites Dunder Mifflin, aside from procrastination, it’s their knack for fun and adventure. In this episode, everyone comes together to play their favorite office games in their Office Olympics!

Ridiculous parlor games and medals using trash and stationery were used in the event. The gang hasn’t been this invested ever since Diversity Day when Mr. Brown (Larry Wilmore) was invited.

14. Night Out (Season 4, Episode 15)

30 Best Episodes Of The Office Ranked (2022 Updated) (14)

After Ryan lands the corporate job, this episode reveals how he’s been on a downward spiral since. When Dwight and Michael visit New York, they meet a night-living-coke-snorting version of Ryan Howard. Seeing his life out of perspective and the duo looking like fishes out of the pond was also quite hilarious!

15. Local Ad (Season 4, Episode 9)

30 Best Episodes Of The Office Ranked (2022 Updated) (15)

After shooting and directing their branch's local ad, Michael upgrades his title from the “world’s best boss” to the “world’s most creative boss.” The episode brought us the amazing Dunder Mifflin song by Darryl.

Plus, it was a sneak peek at Pam’s editing mastery. The episode was really fun to watch!

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16. The Dundies (Season 2, Episode 1)

30 Best Episodes Of The Office Ranked (2022 Updated) (16)

Ah yes, the annual Michael-hosted event where he gives members of the company embarrassing awards -- the Dundies! Although to Michael’s dismay, the corporate informed him that they wouldn’t shoulder the budget for the dinner party.

Michael responds by pushing through with it. In this episode, we see a drunk Pam, an uncalled-for kiss between her and Jim, and a cliffhanger smile when Jim aids Pam to Angela’s car.

17. Finale (Season 9, Episode 24 & 25)

30 Best Episodes Of The Office Ranked (2022 Updated) (17)

Nine seasons of The Office finally came to a victorious close. Each NBC season had its highs and lows, but the subtle comedy did leave a mark on audiences. The season finale was awesome, and everyone got the ending they deserved.

Jim, Pam, and Dwight’s friendship was something to commemorate them with, the law finally biting Creed in the buttocks and Michael sticking in as a cameo appearance with a perfectly timed “that’s what she said.” It highlighted the entire cast. [2] Season 9, Episode 24 & 25 was truly a legendary end of an era.

“The Office finale does a good job at not focusing on one character for too long, instead of spending a little time with each of its stars.” -Brooke Bajgrowicz, ScreenRant Writer.

18. Goodbye, Toby (Season 4, Episode 18 & 19)

30 Best Episodes Of The Office Ranked (2022 Updated) (18)

Michael and Toby had been at it for as long as we can remember, and this time, Scott got the W. Toby prematurely announces himself moving out to Costa Rica after everyone witnessed him holding Pam’s legs.

Of course, Michael being Michael prepared a going away party to celebrate his adversary’s departure. This is the first time we met Holly Flax, a pregnant Jan Levinson, and an uncalled-for proposal from Andy that derails Jim’s.

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19. Booze Cruise (Season 2, Episode 11)

30 Best Episodes Of The Office Ranked (2022 Updated) (19)

The leadership training trip turned into a booze cruise party in this episode. It features several plot lines from Michael battling it out with Captain Jack on who’s the rightful party captain and ship authority, Jim getting seriously hurt when Roy finally committed to marrying Pam, and the clutch play by Michael who encouraged Jim to never give up because, as he said, “engaged ain’t married.

20. A Benihana Christmas (Season 3, Episode 10 & 11)

30 Best Episodes Of The Office Ranked (2022 Updated) (20)

If you don’t remember the Benihana restaurant Michael, Jim, Dwight, and Andy visited, maybe you’ll be more familiar with “Asian Hooters.” The Michael-Jan relationship comes to an end after the latter dumps him.

The ever famous conference room party-planning committee splits into two teams, Pam and Karen vs. Angela and Phyllis, to plan a Christmas party. This is truly one of the fun Christmas episodes from the show.

21. Business School (Season 3, Episode 17)

30 Best Episodes Of The Office Ranked (2022 Updated) (21)

Ryan made many questionable decisions in the show, but this is probably one of the worst. With a promise of a full letter grade increase, he invited Michael to share some paper company management goodness in Ryan's business class.

Of course, Michael delivered a presentation that the audience loved, except for the business school students and, of course, Ryan.

22. Frame Toby (Season 5, Episode 9)

30 Best Episodes Of The Office Ranked (2022 Updated) (22)

Michael has had a rough relationship with Toby ever since. But the intensity of Michael’s hatred has gone above and beyond in this episode.

Following the higher-ups’ decision to keep Toby, Michael tries to frame him with a fireable offense. Jim also surprises Pam with a house that comes with an art studio just for her. This one is a good mix of funny and sweet!

23. Michael’s Birthday (Season 2, Episode 19)

30 Best Episodes Of The Office Ranked (2022 Updated) (23)

Michael Scott is not in any way an awful person (except for breaking the hearts of Scott’s Tots). Although sometimes, he does need some nudge for self-awareness. In this episode, everyone saw that Michael had a good heart.

In step with his birthday is Kevin awaiting the result of his cancer test. Albeit Michael showed a tad bit of bitterness, he learned to share the moment with Kevin, and we think he’s a real hero like Michael Scarn.

24. The Deposition (Season 4, Episode 12)

30 Best Episodes Of The Office Ranked (2022 Updated) (24)

In this episode, Michael serves as the frontliner advocating against Jan’s termination after her breast implants. Although Michael faithfully agrees with the plan, he turns their scheme to shambles after an untimely “that’s what she said.”

The Michael-Jan dynamic was great, but using his diary as a weapon ain’t cool!

25. Diwali (Season 3, Episode 6)

30 Best Episodes Of The Office Ranked (2022 Updated) (25)

While the gang spends most of their time in the office, Diwali offers a fresh change of pace. Kelly invites them to Diwali (an Indian festival), which Michael thought was a costume party. To this, Carol dressed up as a cheerleader.

However, the episode escalated quickly into Michael’s abrupt proposal and Carol’s heartbreaking rejection. You’d wish Prison Mike kidnapped Michael instead of the president’s son!

26. Moroccan Christmas (Season 5, Episode 11)

30 Best Episodes Of The Office Ranked (2022 Updated) (26)

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It was Phyllis who came up with the Moroccan Christmas idea, which was against Angela’s will. The should-have-been peaceful celebration turned into a moment of Meredith’s alcoholism, Dwight’s toy doll capitalism, and Angela’s sexual affair revelation.

The only thing you’d want in there is Robert California calling himself the “f***ing lizard king!”

27. Chair Model (Season 4, Episode 14)

30 Best Episodes Of The Office Ranked (2022 Updated) (27)

The Chair Model episode gets pretty dark, but hey, that’s what this show’s here for! Michael finds himself out of luck in love in this NBC season episode until he finds a chair model attractive.

Although it was revealed towards the end that she’s dead, so Michael did what Michael had to do: visit her gravestone and sing their rendition of American Pie (with Dwight on his side, of course!)

28. Fun Run (Season 4, Episode 1 & 2)

30 Best Episodes Of The Office Ranked (2022 Updated) (28)

Michael hits Meredith with his car resulting in a broken pelvis. To this incident, everyone was shocked at Michael’s carelessness. Instead of being the bad guy, Michael tries to promote rabies awareness via his now-famous 5k fun run entitled Michael Scott’s Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race For the Cure.

Although due to an abrupt dietary shift on Michael’s part, he was hospitalized for dehydration. A happy ending still ensues when Meredith visits the former and forgives him.

29. Michael Scott Paper Company (Season 5, Episode 23)

30 Best Episodes Of The Office Ranked (2022 Updated) (29)

The show needed a new fresh angle on the fifth season, and Michael Scott Paper Company surely fit the bill. Although it only consisted of Pam, Ryan, and Michael, this was an interesting underdog spinoff.

The interesting get-together also kick-started Pam’s career as a saleswoman, which she retained when the OG paper company bought them out.

30. Murder (Season 6, Episode 10)

30 Best Episodes Of The Office Ranked (2022 Updated) (30)

Murder is one of the goofiest episodes when Michael tries to distract the Scranton branch by taking a murder mystery game seriously. Although the imminent fact that they might lose their jobs was apparent, it’s still a fun way to keep them occupied from thinking about it.

The episode's closing scene was the iconic finger-gun standoff when Michael, Dwight, Andy, and even Pam were present. It ended with Pam’s ever famous line, “I’m not going down for this!

The action was uncanny; you’d think it’s a scene straight out of Threat Level Midnight.

Ready for that Marathon?

Although very subtle in its delivery of comedy, The Office proved to be one of the greatest shows of the century. An average score of 90% from Rotten Tomatoes and a 9/10 from IMDB isn’t a basic feat, after all [3].

However, selecting 30 episodes from the show is extremely difficult, especially with much more bringing great comedy value to the entire series. Here are some of our runners-up:

  • Scott’s Tots
  • Threat Level Midnight (Who can forget Goldenface’s plan to blow up an NHL All-Star Game?)
  • Golden Ticket

If you need to rewatch the series for some good laughs and relive the awkward moments, make sure to check this list out!

Also, if you are looking for The Office toys and collectibles, then you should definitely give our page a visit!

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What is the most cringe Office episodes? ›

  1. “Scott's Tots” (Season 6, Episode 12)
  2. “Dinner Party” (Season 4, Episode 13) ...
  3. “Launch Party” (Season 4, Episodes 5 & 6) ...
  4. “Gay Witch Hunt” (Season 3, Episode 1) ...
  5. “Diversity Day” (Season 1, Episode 2) ...
  6. “Sex Ed” (Season 7, Episode 4) ...
  7. “Prince Family Paper” (Season 5, Episode 13) ...
  8. “Andy's Play” (Season 7, Episode 3) ...
15 Aug 2022

What is the least liked episode of The Office? ›

Get The Girl (Season 8, Episode 19) 6.5/10

He tries to serenade her in an extremely cringy scene and just does quite a few rather absurd things in an attempt to win Erin's heart. Get The Girl has the lowest rating of any episode of The Office ever on IMDb.

What is the darkest episode of The Office? ›

Spooked (The Office)
Directed byRandall Einhorn
Written byCarrie Kemper
Cinematography bySarah Levy
Editing byRick Weis
11 more rows

What is the most watched TV episode ever? ›

The following is the list of the all-time most watched single-network television broadcasts in the United States by average viewership, according to Nielsen. Of the 32 most-watched broadcasts, 30 are Super Bowls. Super Bowl XLIX, with 114.4 million viewers, is number one.

What mental illness does Michael Scott have? ›

Michael Scott - Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) would explain majority of the character, Michael Scott's personality quirks and behavioral oddities which include such things as extreme self-centeredness, attention seeking, fantasy thinking, etc.

Is The Office 100% scripted? ›

A complete script was written for each episode; however, actors were given opportunities to improvise during filming. Fischer said, "Our shows are 100 percent scripted. They put everything down on paper. But we get to play around a little bit, too.

Why was Andy fired? ›

Throughout the ninth season, Andy's relationship with Wallace deteriorates from Andy's lack of focus and professionalism, eventually culminating in Andy being fired by Wallace.

Does Dwight have a mental illness? ›

Noting his feelings of superiority toward himself and his responsibilities alongside his delusion that there is always someone out to get him, it is only appropriate that Dwight Schrute be diagnosed with paranoid personality disorder.

What was the most controversial episode of The Office? ›

Sexual Harassment (The Office)
"Sexual Harassment"
The Office episode
Episode no.Season 2 Episode 2
Directed byKen Kwapis
Written byB. J. Novak
11 more rows

What is the Cringiest moment in The Office? ›

Hands down the cringiest episode on the office is the dinner party episode. Granted it's that awkward and cringe that makes it one of the funniest. However, I recommend you watch it (season 4 episode 13) and that you put yourself in Pam's shoes for that episode.

Is The Office the most watched show ever? ›

For example, U.S. viewers watched 30.5 billion minutes of “Ozark” during 2020, which was across a total of 28 episodes.
Top Streaming Content of 2020: Acquired Series.
Program NameThe Office
SVOD Provider(s)Netflix
# of Episodes192
Minutes Streamed (Nearest Million)57,127
9 more columns
12 Jan 2021

Why is The Office so Bingeable? ›

The ability the show has to relate to its audience goes unmatched, as no other show can make you truly feel like you fit right in with the characters. This, along with the blend of humorous and serious moments, makes the show impossible to stop watching.

How long would it take to binge all of The Office? ›

Try it out for yourself here. We gave it a spin and found out that you'll need 74 hours (3.1 straight days) to re-watch all nine seasons of The Office. The calculator kindly reminds you that it would have taken you 9.3 workdays to complete the binge session if it was your job.

Who is the main villain of The Office? ›

Type of Villain

Ryan Bailey Howard is the main antagonist of the American workplace sitcom The Office.

Why is Steve Carell's hair so thin in season 1 of The Office? ›

As for why Carell's hair looked so noticeably different in Season 1, Ferry says the style was done intentionally. "What I was told was that his character in the first six episodes — basically they were going for like a Gordon Gekko [Michael Douglas' character in the 1987 movie, Wall Street]. They wanted it to be slick.

Who is the serial killer in The Office? ›

Toby Flenderson is the Scranton Strangler.

What is the number 1 watched TV show? ›

NFL Sunday Night Football

What is the most watched TV show 2022? ›

In viewers, CBS' “FBI” is the most-watched entertainment show, attracting 8.6 million on average, followed by “Chicago Fire,” “NCIS” (CBS), “The Equalizer” (CBS), “Young Sheldon” (CBS), “Chicago Med” (NBC), “Ghosts” (CBS), “Chicago P.D.” and “Blue Bloods” (CBS).

Which TV series had the most viewers? ›

"NFL Sunday Night Football" was the most watched TV show in the United States in the 2021/2022 season, with roughly 18.14 million viewers.

Why does Dwight Call Angela monkey? ›

Monkey. "Monkey" is an alias for Angela used by her and Dwight Schrute in order to keep their relationship secret. It is used many times throughout the series. When their relationship was made public, Dwight continued to call Angela monkey in an affectionate manner.

Why is Oscar not in season 3 of the office? ›

Oscar takes a three-month vacation offered by Jan at the end. Oscar Nuñez, who portrays Oscar, doesn't return until the second half of this season in order to pursue his work on Halfway Home (2007).

Why did Michael Scott get written off? ›

After finally finding his soulmate in HR representative Holly Flax, Michael decided to quit his job and move with Holly to her home state of Colorado. In Steve's final episode as a series regular, he spent his last day in the office saying goodbye to the employees who became his family.

Was the crying in The Office real? ›

And I remember that we shut down the set and we took hours prepping and shooting this crying scene." Fischer went on to say The Office showrunner Greg Daniels really pushed for real tears, which she said was somewhat of a challenge. "They did not want to put fake tears in my eyes ...

Is Dunder Mifflin a real office? ›

Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, Inc. is a fictional paper and office supplies wholesale company featured in the American television series The Office.

Did they really drive in The Office? ›

"I started by reaching out to Steve and he said, yes...they really drove a real car into a real lake," Fischer said. "He said they did this stunt twice all the way through, and that Randall [Einhorn], our camera operator, was in the back seat.

Does Jim cheat on Pam? ›

A new book about 'The Office' reveals that Jim almost cheated on Pam, but John Krasinski refused to do the scene.

Why did The Office got Cancelled? ›

Krasinski wanted to end the show on the highest note possible before the network made the decision for them, as the viewership and popularity of the show were already greatly declining.

Why did Jim leave The Office? ›

In "Finale," Jim and Pam finalize their plan to move to Austin where Jim will rejoin Athlead, and hence, get fired from Dunder Mifflin.

Is Dwight K Schrute autistic? ›

Generally speaking, Dwight is unable to understand his social world. Between his difficulty understanding social cues, inability to restrain inappropriate thoughts, and highly specific areas of interest, Dwight's character consistently exhibits behavior that is associated with autism spectrum disorder.

Who slept with Dwight? ›

In Email Surveillance, Pam notices that Angela bought two Baby Ruth bars from the vending machine, and with the help of the cameraman, notices that Dwight is eating the second one. Later, at Jim's barbecue, Angela and Dwight can be seen having intercourse at the end of the episode.

Why is Dwight obsessed with beets? ›

Cooked beets act as an aphrodisiac when eaten due to the high levels of manganese and boron it delivers to your body. These added substances produce sex hormones, therefore getting you in the mood. This may explain why Dwight used such suggestive lines on Angela.

What Office episodes are inappropriate? ›

10 Episodes Of The Office That Aged Poorly
  • CHINA (SEASON 7, EPISODE 10) ...
3 Jul 2019

What is the greatest danger facing Dunder Mifflin? ›

The Office Season 3 Quotes - Initiation - Quote #1032

What is the greatest danger facing Dunder Mifflin? Ryan: Outsourcing and consolidation of competition.

What was Ryans scandal in The Office? ›

In the season 4 finale "Goodbye, Toby", Ryan is arrested for committing fraud. He is eventually released and required to work community service. In the season 5 premiere, Ryan returns to the Scranton branch after Michael arranges for him to work in Pam's previous job as receptionist.

What is the best moment in The Office? ›

The Office: 10 Scenes Fans Love To Watch Over & Over
  • Andy Sings Farewell. ...
  • The Dinner On Dinner Party. ...
  • Pam Walks On Coals. ...
  • Jim Says Goodbye To Michael. ...
  • Kelly's Birthday Outburst. ...
  • Dwight's Fire Drill. ...
  • Jim And Pam's Wedding. ...
  • Michael Grills His Foot.
4 Jul 2021

Why did Jen get fired The Office? ›

Unfortunately, the corporate position for which Michael, Jim, and Karen are interviewing is Jan's; after being absent from work, abusing corporate policies, and being in Scranton far too often, Jan is fired and escorted from the building in New York, and is replaced by Ryan Howard.

What is the highest rated office episode? ›

1. “Casino Night” (Season 2, Episode 22) Two seasons of will-they-won't-they drama comes to a head in “Casino Night”: a spectacularly romantic finale episode and the first written by Steve Carell.

What is the most watched series on Netflix 2022? ›

As of October 2022, the most popular English-language Netflix TV show of all time was the fourth season of American science-fiction series "Stranger Things," based on number of hours viewed in the show's first 28 days on the platform. It counted over 1.3 billion hours viewed.

Is The Office more watched than friends? ›

'The Office ' Beats Out 'Friends ' as the Most Watched Licensed Show on Netflix — See the Top 10.

Who else auditioned for Dwight Schrute? ›

One of them was Seth Rogen, who wanted to play the iconic role of Dwight Schrute. Ultimately, it went to Rainn Wilson, who was the perfect fit for the part.

Is there any show as good as The Office? ›

11 Comedies to Binge-Watch on Peacock If The Office Is Your Favorite Show
  • Parks and Recreation. Photo: NBC. Seasons: 7. ...
  • Superstore. Photo: NBC. Seasons: 6. ...
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Photo: NBC. Seasons: 8. ...
  • 30 Rock. Photo: NBC. Seasons: 7. ...
  • Rutherford Falls. Photo: NBC. ...
  • American Auto. Photo: NBC. ...
  • Cheers. Photo: NBC. ...
  • Frasier. Photo: Getty Images.
26 Jul 2022

How do I get paid to watch The Office? ›

You can submit an application at USDish.com by explaining in at least 300 words why you're the biggest fan of "The Office." You can also submit an optional video, which can "boost your chances" of winning.

Who has the longest screen time in The Office? ›

The 'Office' Cast Members Who Had The Most Screen Time In Each Season, Charted. According to Stewart's calculations, the character who received the most screen time in the show is — you guessed it — Michael Scott, with Dwight claiming second, and Jim and Pam claiming third and fourth place, respectively.

How much weight did The Office lose? ›

The office staff lost a total of 35 pounds, from 2,210 pounds to 2,175 pounds.

Which episode was performance review of The Office? ›

"Performance Review" is the eighth episode of the second season of the American comedy television series The Office, and the show's fourteenth episode overall. It was written by Larry Wilmore and directed by Paul Feig. It first aired on November 15, 2005 on NBC. The episode guest stars Melora Hardin as Jan Levinson.

Is The Office best series ever? ›

The Office is absolutely, without a doubt, one of the greatest tv shows ever created and easily one of the best comedies I've seen in my lifetime! It's at the top of just about every "best sitcom ever" list for a reason...because it's incredible!

Why is Steve Carell's hair different in season 1 of The Office? ›

As for why Carell's hair looked so noticeably different in Season 1, Ferry says the style was done intentionally. "What I was told was that his character in the first six episodes — basically they were going for like a Gordon Gekko [Michael Douglas' character in the 1987 movie, Wall Street]. They wanted it to be slick.

Was Rainn Wilson in every episode of The Office? ›

: Rainn Wilson (Dwight Schrute) is the only cast member of "The Office" that appears and has lines in every episode. Bears.

What show is most watched on Netflix ever? ›

'Stranger Things' 3: 582,100,000 hours.

What show would take the longest to binge? ›

  • ER. Long TV shows: ER. Seasons: 15. ...
  • Will and Grace. Long TV shows: Will and Grace. Seasons: 11. ...
  • Modern Family. Long TV shows: Modern Family. Seasons: 11. ...
  • Friends. Long TV shows: Friends. Seasons: 10. ...
  • The Big Bang Theory. Long TV shows: The Big Bang Theory. Seasons: 12.

Which bear is better The Office? ›

Jim Halpert : [Jim sits at his desk, dressed like Dwight] Question, what kind of bear is best? Dwight Schrute : That's a ridiculous question. Jim Halpert : False. Black bear.


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