17 Best Art Websites For Artists and Galleries 2022 (2023)

Are you an artist who wishes to build an online presence? If you do, this excellent list of art websites is truly a demand! Do you think building an art website is what you need to build your reputation positively?

With the emergence of social media marketing, one may think that you don’t need to create an artist or art website. But that’s amiss. Unlike social media platforms, a professional art website can allow you to publish content just how you want it. On the other hand, you don’t have full control over your content with social media marketing. Therefore, it is best to build art websites that are intuitive, resourceful and modern. With such an online platform, an artist can improve his credibility and professionalism in art. Moreover, he will have a great place to easily showcase contact information, exhibit portfolio, or sell artworks. Today, we’ve handpicked ample art websites that will inspire every artist to create a professional website for themselves or curate awesome artwork in art galleries.

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How to build an art website?

Looking to build a website yourself? There are many ways to go about it, but WordPress is the cheapest and easiest. So let’s get started with these art WordPress themes.

In this collection, you’ll find numerous and diverse styles of art websites that you can pick as part of your inspiration. Since your website must represent you and effectively promote your work, it is best to ensure that it is functional, user-friendly, and visually appealing. Moreover, you can also find websites that provide a great place to exhibit and sell artworks to expand the art market and support artists worldwide. Check out these useful art websites and start building your brand online!

Best Art Website Designs

1. Ayomide

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Ayomide is an excellent template (with a builder!) that helps you quickly create art websites. Of course, you don’t need to have experience with building pages. (You can be a complete beginner.)

Ayomide includes everything necessary, from page designs to numerous features and functions. Building, managing and maintaining your art site is child’s play.

And it all happens from one location (+ hosting & domain name.) So. Damn. Cool.


2. Stornoway

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You can create a magnificent art website with Stornoway in minutes. Why? Because you don’t need coding knowledge, the design is ready and optimized. Plus, Stornoway sorts you with hosting and domain name, too! (Thanks, Zyro builder.)

Showcase your location on Google Maps, display art and gallery and write a compelling about page – it’s all possible with Stornoway.

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You also get access to support if you need any help during the (quick) process of establishing your page.


3. Artbox

Started as an artist representation agency, Artbox represents 80 artists worldwide with diverse styles and techniques. Later it has become a production company that exhibits magnificent artworks. The website has a beautiful and sleek homage ready to impress visitors. Artbox welcomes visitors with a fullscreen video in the hero scene. It also applies the cool animation upon hover. Each artwork is presented in different styles and shapes without a fixed layout. Specifically, a visitor can browse content via artists or projects. The artist’s page utilizes the masonry layout too that uses ample white space. Hence, a large number of artworks through galleries looks superb.


4. Art For Global Goals

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Here’s an art website showcases the great exhibition of 17 paintings created by the exceptional and talented German Artist Leon Lowentraut. In his unique art style, this artist interprets 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations. Its website is truly a manifestation of creativity. The hero scene has a spectacular and artistic presentation of a simple headline, menu, and vibrant yellow background. Specifically, each interpreted issue is revealed by clicking the issue name. Once clicked the painting is fully revealed and can also be zoomed in. It adds a sticky header and a slider on the sidebar to provide ease in navigation. Check out this amazing art website today!


5. Maxim Shkret

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If you need an ultimate collection of art websites for your upcoming project, you should check out Maxim Shkret. It’s a great and innovative website for a digital artist with 10+ years of experience. His website has clean, clear, and concise content that can attract visitors. With this website, the author controls his marketing assets and lets his art do the selling. The hero scene startled visitors with a slider that highlights the best shots of the author. The objects are movable digital sculpture that uses five-axis CNC. From there on, an interested buyer can purchase the shot instantly. It also includes the about pages, gallery, contact and social media icons too.


6. Mathieulevesque

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With a visually appealing website, an artist can boost his credibility online. The website will imply that you care about your art and are serious about your art career. Mathieulevesque is one of the great examples of art websites that will inspire artistry. It’s an exhibition of commercial photographer’s specialization in food and product photography. The website welcomes visitors with an out-of-the-box layout along with good typography. The content on the homepage looks superb as they’re exhibited upon scrolling. It also features a nice transition effect from one piece of art to another through scrolling. If a visitor wants to check out the details of the artwork, it’s possible too. It also uses the off-canvas menu, social media icons, and unique sidebar.

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7. Phillip Popoff

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Spread awareness of your brand as an artist and grow more opportunities with a grandeur art website. It will not just build a reputation but also help you gain more followers. Phillip Popoff is a remarkable art website ready to showcase the author’s selected artworks. The hero scene is an art itself crafted using GSAP animation. It also features unique positions of menu that link to other website pages. The CV page showcases the personal data, education, awards of the author in a simple manner. A visitor can also access the selected projects of the author displayed using a fine slider. Check out other amazing elements that you can replicate to your website.


8. Artic

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Different artworks need exhibition to inspire and amuse fellow artists. Regardless of the type of art you’re trying to develop, it’s best to showcase them for inspiration and education. Artic (Art Institute of Chicago) collects, preserves, and interprets art of the highest quality. To reach more people with their artworks, it has a nice website to showcase them worldwide. The homepage contains useful elements and features to stimulate the audience’s interest. The hero scene is a continuous video background that features different artworks. The artwork and articles are also displayed on a masonry layout on the homepage.


9. Art and History

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With the birth of technology, more and more websites can reach people from different places. An incredible and rich collection of artworks from all four corners of the world are precious. Hence, Art and History Museum would like to invite people to discover the exciting history of different races through the beautiful creations assembled in one place. This website has a clean and clutter-free layout to help interesting individuals easily book a museum visit. The homepage is a beautiful display of huge and clear images of the different artworks in the museum. It also ensures that navigation is quick and easy through a sticky header. Instagram feed is also added to make it easier for an individual to check the latest artwork launched.


10. Elena Iv Skaya

17 Best Art Websites For Artists and Galleries 2022 (11)

Artists often spend time creating their art. Thus, they have less time to spend on crafting their art websites. However, websites represent your personality as a brand across the web. Hence, it would work best if the website could represent the artist’s personality well. Elena Iv Skaya, a creative photographer who turns her photograph into wonderful painting-like creations. Her website is loaded with the artwork she crafted to charm the audience. The hero scene’s unique layout emphasizes content through ample white space. The artworks are displayed using big images with detailed and straightforward pages. It also utilizes a captivating and smooth transition effect.


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11. Street Art

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Art comes in many forms. Hence, many organizations love to exhibit these different artworks to help people discover and love these collections and stories worldwide. Street Art is an innovative and modern design of art website. It features a vibrant artwork in the hero scene. Below the hero section are the different stories of artworks displayed using a slider. Thus, multiple artworks are highlighted than without a slider. Moreover, it also uses a grid layout to showcase more of those artworks. To showcase a clear overview of the artworks’ origins, Street Art uses the google map. Another grid layout is used for another set of gorgeously crafted artworks.


12. Artsy

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If you need inspiration on designing your art website, you might want to consider Artsy. It’s a website that curates collections of works ready for purchase. Specifically, this website offers a user-friendly interface where visitors can do fine art browsing, auctioning, and buying. The homepage is a simple design. Furthermore, it showcases interesting taglines and CTAs with an awesome image background. Moreover, the visitors can also check out the different works by popular artists, auctions, street art, figurative painting, collage, emerging photography, abstract painting, and more using a smooth slider on each category display. It also uses a sticky header where the menu and the search feature are accessible.


13. Minted

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One way to excel in the art industry is to have a website to showcase your works. Minted is a great website where artists can learn, gain exposure, and build a business. It has a simple but comprehensive homepage layout. Specifically, it features different and unique designs from independent artists. Minted utilizes a masonry layout for showcasing the artwork. Once the customer clicks the item, it will proceed to the shop where more similar products are displayed. It also uses a slider to present items that are previously launched. Moreover, if the customer wishes to shop by artists, this website is also possible.


14. Etsy

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Creative artworks are truly in demand. If it were not so, the Etsy website wouldn’t be as popular as now. It has a straightforward design on the homepage but comes with complete and significant elements to make this eCommerce website work. It added a search function on the header to ease every website visitor. It also has a simple yet irresistible tagline along with images and CTAs. In addition, the website features popular items along with short descriptions and prices of the artworks. The reviews section also looks clean with a uniform content layout.


15. Art

17 Best Art Websites For Artists and Galleries 2022 (16)
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Dedicated to bringing the world’s largest art collection, Art website gives everybody access to incredible art images and top-notch craftsmanship. The homepage is jampacked with elements that are essential for every art website. It features a big image on the hero scene and a slider that exhibits multiple artworks. It also presents the excellent features this eCommerce website offers customers, such as free shipping, free returns, free design advice, and everyday low prices. All of these have flat monochrome icons with CTAs too. It also showcases the featured collections, trending artworks and more.


16. Artstar

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Artstar is a resourceful website perfect for discovering and collecting the best contemporary art. The website is a manifestation of the beauty of different artworks. In particular, the hero scene features a split-screen layout of similar products but has a different focus angle.In like manner, other sections also have the same layout but of different images. Having big and clear images, the website looks stunning and elegant. The animation upon scrolling also adds an aesthetic appeal to the overall design.


17. Citizen Atelier

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Another exceptional art website provides an online art gallery for every international artist (emerging and established) and contemporary photography. Similarly, the arrivals section implements a smooth slider to simultaneously showcase multiple products. It is a great place for artists to shine, this website exhibits the featured artist glamorous. It also displays the different magazines that featured this website to improve credibility. Check out other essential elements it can provide as inspiration for your next project.


I hope these top art sites provided the inspiration you were looking for. Now, you can make your art website using drag-and-drop portfolio website builders.

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